Worlds 2018 – TonyGeeeee

Antoine “TonyGeeeee” Gélinas


Eternal Tag: TonyGeeeee

Real Name: Antoine Gélinas

Age: 26

Country: Canada

Occupation: Interviewer

Invited: Season One Invitational Champion

Representing: Seek Power Gaming

Debut: June 10th, 2017 (5-1, 3-0 Win)

By The Numbers


“Very talented player and deckbuilder. Always offering his time to help team members playtest and craft decks. My main playtesting partner for the 2018 Season 1 Invitational, which he won after knocking me out in the semi-finals. Very fun guy to play or just chat with.” – childroland

Antonie “TonyGeeeee” Gélinas is the first player in 2018 to lock a spot at the 2018 ETS World Championships. He’s representing Seek Power Gaming, an Eternal team that he co-captains along with fellow Invitational Champion Paradox. As Captain, he has great relations with his teammates (though is often the butt of “friendly” jabs) and beyond the team, he’s one of the friendliest Eternal players you could name (as long as you’re not a member of rival team Eternal Titans). TonyGeeeee is best known in the Eternal community for his trademark Armory builds and his wide range of decks, from staples like Armory and FJS Mid to newer decks like Removal Pile and Icaria Black.

TonyGeeeee burst onto the Eternal scene with a victory in his very first ETS tournament, on June 10th, 2017. He was piloting his soon to be trademark Armory list, giving up only a single loss to now-teammate childroland along the way. He was welcomed into SPG with open arms and high expectations, which were somewhat dulled when TonyGeeeee failed to produce anything other than one more weekly finish in the rest of 2017. He missed out on Worlds and as 2017 closed out the page turned for SPG, as the majority of the old guard left the game or otherwise stepped down, and the remaining members turned to Tony (and Paradox).

Since becoming Captain, TonyGeeeee has thrived both as a player and as a leader (although not as a Team Captain). In addition to his Invitational win, TonyGeeeee has added a pair of Weekly Top 2s and a number of Top 8s to his resume. His always solid 60% winrate has not fallen off, and TonyGeeeee remains as one of the most consistent players in the game. He’s made appearances at all three Invitational tournaments this year, and not content to rest on his laurels, TonyGeeeee is in position to make a fourth.

While he still prefers to jam Armory whenever possible, he has branched out and can often be found playtesting SPG’s decks – often in live tournament settings. Unfortunately this has not always resulted in success, but shaking of his single deck mentality has allowed TonyGeeeee to adapt and develop as a player (and the lack of stress over making Worlds has certainly given him some breathing room). The Worlds metagame always involves a lot of heavy metagaming which could be bad news for TonyGeeee – rumor has it he’s hoping to get the inside track on what the opposition will be playing by helping his other teammakes make it to Worlds!

“Tony’s the man. A true friend that I’ve made in Eternal and someone whom I admire a lot. He’s like me in that we’re both stubborn and only like to play certain decks, and we both know we’d win a lot more tournaments if we just resigned ourselves to other decks but can seldom convince ourselves to do so. He gets a lot of flak from people and puts up with it, and it sucks because he’s really an amazing dude and doesn’t deserve the trash talk. He’s also an incredible pilot and a great deck builder as long as his deck starts with 4 Harsh Rules.” – Paradox