Worlds 2018 – Mouche



Eternal Tag: Mouche

Real Name: Kevin Chiche

Age: 28

Country: France

Occupation: Pharmacist

Invited: Season Three Invitational Champion

Representing: Eternal Titans

Debut: November 19th, 2016 (1-3)

By The Numbers


While the hype surrounding him has mostly gone to Almost in recent months, Kevin “Mouche” Chiche has put up one of if not THE most dominant seasons we’ve seen in ETS history. His 51 SP are an single season record, and he’s earned more points this season than anyone other that camat0 has earned in their entire career. That’s before potentially 10+ points from Worlds are applied. His Season Three Invitational win was the only Invitational not won by an Eternal Titans player this season, and he managed to get all four of his tournament wins in a mere six week period, showing absolute dominance of that format. His nearly 70% winrate this season is backed up by enough games to prove its not just variance, and his career winrate remains an excellent 64%.

Perennially underrated, Mouche is finally getting the respect he deserves. However, it hasn’t always been good news for this ET player. His initial foray into competitive play came over two years ago, just days after Eternal entered open beta. He was met with open arms by the community and soundly beaten in three straight matches – although rekenner won that tournament so it doesn’t really count. Still, Mouche bounced back and was able to earn 17 points over the Season and claim a Worlds berth on the back of a second place finish at the Season Six Invitational (we had six seasons in those days). He fell behind in the first round robin, but bounced back in the second one to claim a spot in Top 8 and finished in sixth place. While he’ll likely be happy with another Top 8, I can’t imagine he’ll be satisfied with sixth again.

After a firm grip on late Season Three/early Season Four, Mouche appears to be sliding a bit as we move towards Worlds. At the Season Four Invitational, Mouche started out at 3-0 and needed only a single win to advance, but was unable to close the deal and slid to 3-4, missing out on Day 2. However, everyone’s expectations were firmly upon him at the time, and its possible he wasn’t able to respond well to the pressure. Mouche has always done best when underrated, so its possible that the hype around Almost is a blessing in disguise for him. One things for sure – a ten point lead gives him a great shot at becoming Player of the Year if he can make Day 2 at Worlds, and a top 4 will clinch it. How far can Mouche push himself?