Worlds 2018 – Almost



Eternal Tag: Almost

Real Name: Matthew

Age: 26

Country: United States

Occupation: Software Engineer

Invited: Worlds Wildcard

Representing: The Great Parliament

Debut: October 29th, 2016 (3-1, 0-1 vs SirRhino)

By The Numbers


In an ironic twist of fate, the Worlds player with the earliest debut showed up at nearly the last minute, and has played the fewest matches of anyone at Worlds. However, no one can doubt that he’s earned it. Matthew, to most memories including my own, showed up more or less out of nowhere at the beginning of Season Four and started winning. And winning. In his first three weeks, he Top 8’d, came second, then won outright! At the Season Four Invitational, he blasted his way through the opposition, falling only in the finals to Invitational Champion TonyGeeeee. Behind these results is an unbelievable (and probably unsustainable) 70%+ winrate and a single season record for both Invitational Points and SP points gain. He hasn’t been around long, but he hasn’t so much left a mark as he’s left a crater.

Almost owes much of his success to his deckbuilding talent – he’s credited as one of the minds behind the Talir/Vodacombo deck that left so many players grinding their teeth. His successes and indeed, all of his tournament play has been done with his own decks – first by pioneering Scattershot/West Wind Herald combo, then later with Feln Scream variants. In an era of tuned stock lists and plenty of team deckbuilding, it takes a dedicated and inspired player to pave their own way. Which is not to say that Almost works alone – he’s found fast friends among the players in The Great Parliament, cementing his comparisons (at least in my mind) with AngryChicken, a founding member of The Mediocre Parliament and another player who had an incredible single season culminating in a win (or Almost a win).

Technically, Almost has been around for over two years at this point – he debuted in the second ever tournament the ETS ran. Unfortunately, its likely that either the slipshod nature of that production turned him off tournament play or he moved away from Eternal for a while as we were not to see him again for several years. However, he’s back, and this rising star was everyone’s pick to win the Season Four Invitational (near miss) and then Wildcards (which he took down). He’s on many players shortlist to become a World Champion as well – will Almost become Already Did?