Thursday Tier List #4 – October 20, 2016

Hello all! I’m aReNGee, and I’m happy to present the fourth biweekly Tier List! With no major changes, the metagame settled somewhat once the initial ladder race ended. Players have mostly ended up on either aggressive decks or control decks, with midrange decks scarce except for the omnipresent Combrei lists. This week, I was assisted by Finkel, Unearthly, and Neon. Their opinions have been combined to form the final tier list, which is based on the following assumptions:

  1. Decks have been ranked into their tier based on both win rate and popularity. The most popular and successful decks are Tier 1. A very successful but unknown deck will not show up on this list, while a popular but unsuccessful deck will show up but will be lower tiered.
  2. There is no special formula for weighting popularity vs win rate, each player has their own opinions.
  3. Decks are listed within their tiers in approximate order of success. Therefore, a deck at the top of a tier is at least slightly better than the deck below it.

Explanation of Tiers
Tier 1 – These are the best decks right now, both in terms of representation and win rate.
Tier 2 – These decks don’t have either the representation or the winrate to be considered Tier 1, but are all powerful decks and great choices for ladder.
Tier 3 – These decks are usually quite powerful when they go off, but need the a strong draw to work or have some other exploitable weakness. Fine choices for ladder, especially if the metagame favors them or you minimize their weaknesses.
Tier 4 – These decks are less powerful than Tier 3 decks or are wildly inconsistent.

Official Tier List

Tier 1
Rakano Warcry
Rakano Midrange
Combrei Midrange
Stonescar Jito

Tier 2
Combrei Aggro
FJP Control
4F Control
Feln Midrange
Mono Justice
Traditional Armory

Tier 3
Rakano Burn
Stonescar Midrange
Elysian Midrange
TJP Control
Feln Control

Tier 4
JPS Control
Mono Fire

Newly Unlisted Decks
Party Hour
Stonescar Weapons

Tier One Decks

Tier One received a fourth deck this week in addition to the usual suspects. However, Rakano Midrange is just an alternative higher curve build of the existing Rakano Warcry archetype, rather than a new Tier One deck. That said, both Rakano decks are popular, consistant, and highly successful. Combrei Midrange moves up a spot this week, mostly due to a dearth of Jito decks than an actual popularity or effectiveness increase. Players this week have mostly adopted Vodakhan as a powerful late game threat and a combo finisher with Mystic Ascendant. It remains to be seen if he becomes a permanant addition to Combrei decks or simply this month’s pet card. Finally, Jito decks remain Tier One due to the deck’s innate speed and power, coupled with its early success, but it’s popularity has fallen compared to the more resilient Rakano.

Tier Two Decks

While nowhere near as popular as the midrange varients, low curve Combrei Aggro decks found success this week as Rakano’s popularity grew. Teleport and Praxis Displacer were good answers to Rakano’s go-tall strategy and Stand Together was extremely effective against the control decks that rose in response to Rakano’s popularity. FJP Control continues to be a very popular, very consistant control deck, with plenty of strong matchups and game against all the tiered decks. In a similar vein, Finkel’s 4F control plays powerful cards from four factions, giving it multiple angles of attack. 4F’s popularity grew tremendeously this week due to the deck creator’s ladder success (including #1 on ladder at one point) and a high profile article by While far less popular than the other high profile decks, Feln Midrange players had good success in a metagame that has mostly forgotten about them. Mono Justice players continued to have reasonable showings on ladder, but with decks prepared for Rakano the similar gameplan of Mono Justice picked up fewer free wins. Traditional Armory bounced back to tier 2 this week on the back Relic Weapons effectiveness as a strategy against the Aegis units and control decks on ladder. Finally in tier 2 we have Xenan. While its not the most popular deck, it is a solid list and capable of some absolutely busted draws. With Shadow decks notably absent this week (Annihilate is the best card against them) Xenan decks were able to have solid success as players continued to underestimate it.

Tier Three Decks

A new addition to the tier list, Rakano Burn in in something of a flux state. Proposed by dudewitbangs and expanded upon by Weiseguy, the deck falls somewhere between the aggressive Rakano gameplan and that of Armory. The deck is slowly gaining popularity and pushed its pilots as high as #2 on ladder. Stonescar Midrange continues its tumble this week, as its removal suite proves too clunky for the tuned Rakano list and its gameplan too passive to clock control decks. Elysian Midrange returns this week, bringing Dawnwalker and False Prince back into the metagame as Shadow decks with Vara’s Favor and Steward of the Past leave. TJP Control remains a solid, popular control deck, but would do better in a metagame with less Rakano. Felnscar and Feln Control decks were moderately successful, but their popularity was low enough to put them low on the tier list. Finally, we have the omnipresent Tier 3 deck Clockroaches. Capable of some quick wins and even faster losses, the draw dependant nature of Roaches probably prevents it from moving up the tier list anytime soon.

Tier Four Decks

JPS Control was extremely unpopular this week, its glacially slow gameplan of Azindel’s Gift into Last Word proving unsuccessful in a world of fast decks and proactive control. Mono Fire Aggro retains the bottom slot, with no innovations or notable ladder results to move it up the list, but enough popularity to keep it from falling off the list.

Newly Unranked Decks

Almost no one was laddering with Party Hour this week. This was in part due to Feln being unpopular and in part because Party Hour is much more a tournament deck than a ladder list. Stonescar Weapons also fell this week, needing a midrange grind metagame to really get going as opposed to the aggressive Rakano metagame it was faced with.