Stonescar Midrange

Stonescar Midrange is a removal heavy midrange decks the leverages Staturay Maiden to turn one for one removal spells into card advantage. Against an aggressive deck, Stonescar has plenty of large, deadly blockers and lifesteal to go along with its removal. Against more defensive lists, Stonescar presents a solid unit curve and can end the game with Torch and Obliterate. Stonescar Midrange is an excellent choice for players looking for a balanced deck that can play multiple roles.


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Importable Decklist:
4 Seek Power (Set1 #408)
2 Suffocate (Set1 #251)
4 Torch (Set1 #8)
3 Annihilate (Set1 #269)
4 Argenport Instigator (Set1 #268)
4 Vara’s Favor (Set0 #35)
4 Cabal Countess (Set1 #506)
4 Champion of Chaos (Set1 #402)
4 Deathstrike (Set1 #290)
4 Statuary Maiden (Set1 #387)
3 Steward of the Past (Set1 #287)
4 Obliterate (Set1 #48)
4 Umbren Reaper (Set1 #299)
2 Infernal Tyrant (Set1 #390)
8 Fire Sigil (Set1 #1)
9 Shadow Sigil (Set1 #249)
4 Seat of Chaos (Set0 #60)
4 Stonescar Banner (Set1 #419)

25 Rares, 4 Legendaries

Total Shiftstone cost (excluding power): 35400

Last Updated: January 12th, 2016