Stock Lists

Tiered Decks (Updated)

Note from the editor:

  • “Updated”: cards have changed in the stock list since the last published Tier List.
  • “Verified”: the stock list has not changed since the last published Tier List.

List order has not been updated yet but the decks have. May 18th.

Tier One Decks

Big Combrei Updated May 18th
Elysian Shimmerpack Verified May 18th
Traditional Armory Verified May 18th

Tier Two

Rakano Plate Updated May 18th
Stonescar Burn Updated May 18th
Aggro Combrei Verified March 16th
Icaria Blue Updated May 18th
Stonescar Midrange Updated March 16th

Tier Three

Stonescar Jito Verified February 9th
Feln Control Updated May 18th
Felnscar Verified April 6th

Tier Four


Xenan Updated January 12th
Elysian Midrange Updated May 18th
TJP Shimmerpack Verified February 9th
Haunting Scream Updated January 12th

Untiered Decks (Not Updated)

4F Control Last updated: October 28th

Clockroaches/Dark Roaches Last updated: September 22nd/November 5th

Feln Midrange Last updated: October 6th

FTP Shimmerpack updated December 1st

JPS Control Last updated: October 5th

Mono Fire Last updated: Sept 14th

Mono Justice Last updated: October 4th

Party Hour Last updated: October 1st

Stonescar Weapons Last updated: October 6th