Season Four Invitational – Players Guide

The Season Four Invitational


Day 1 will take place on Saturday, November 17th, beginning at 11am EST.

Day 2 will take place on Sunday, November 18th, also beginning at 11am EST.

Ruleset and Format

Deck Submission: Players submit a single deck for this tournament, as per the usual deckbuilding rules for ETS tournaments. Decks are due at Noon EST on Friday, November 16th, and will be verified at that time.

Day 1 Matches: Matches on day 1 are played in the “Invitational Swiss” format, with 7 rounds and a target of 4 wins. In the Invitational Swiss format, matches are played the same as weekly tournaments – best of three matches against someone with an identical record. However, there is no dropping – players will be eliminated once they reach 4 losses, and qualify for day 2 once they reach 4 wins. After seven rounds, half the players will be eliminated and half the players will move on.

Day 2 Matches: On day 2, the format changes to a randomly seeded Single Elimination tournament. Matches are played best of five, rather than best of three. Once a player loses a match, they are eliminated from the tournament.

Force Play Draw is now in effect at all Premiere Tournaments – The player who lost the previous game in a match will start first in the next game. Not may start first, will start first – the player does not get a choice of play/draw. In order to facilitate this, it will sometimes be necessary to concede and rechallenge until the correct configuration is reached. This should always occur before redrawing. As soon as the technology to do this in client without concessions is available, it will be gratefully adopted.

Streaming – In the interest of providing the most competitive environment and avoid any cheating allegations, livestreaming Premiere tournaments is banned. Players are welcome to record your tournament play and use it anytime after that day of the tournament is complete. Streaming with delay is unfortunately also banned due to issues with detection and enforcement.

Spectating – Spectating a Premiere tournament match is banned, with the exception of the production crew for feature matches. Players are encouraged to have spectating disabled except during a feature match, for the same integrity reasons as above.

Invitational Prizing – $1500 Prize Pool courtesy of Dire Wolf Digital, plus special prizes provided by Inked Gaming

What are Series Points?

1st Place: The winner will receive the title of Invitational Champion, a direct invite to the ETS World Championships, a cash prize of $500 USD, a custom 2018 Invitational Winner hoodie, 12 Series Points,  and an Invitational Mousepad!

2nd Place: The runner up receives 10 Series Points, a cash prize of $260 USD, and an Invitational Mousepad.

3rd/4th Place: Receive 8 Series Points, a cash prize of $100 USD, and an Invitational Mousepad.

5th through 8th Place: Receive 6 Series Points, a cash prize of $75 USD, and an Invitational Mousepad.

9th through 16th Place: Receive 4 Series Points and a cash prize of $30 USD.