Portfolio – Ivan Boyko

Game Developer @ Adknown Games

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Adknown Games rapidly develops and publishes mobile games on Android and iOS. In my first year at Adknown, I developed games full time, including top performing games like Striped Swivel and Circle Circle. Now that I am in my second year, my responsibilities have expanded. I now provide training and guidance for new hires, in the form of formal training videos, lectures, and on the job support. I am also responsible for porting and publishing all the games that we produce onto the Apple App Store, and for updating, upgrading, and maintaining Adknown’s entire game library.

Previous Projects

MECC and the Blue Flame Engine

Over an eight month period I led a team of four programmers to build a C++ game engine, which we then used to build a four player networked multiplayer game called MECC. We also worked with external voice actors and modelers, and used their talents to help bring MECC to life. I was personally responsible for the input, audio, networking, and AI in this project. The game received third place in the Technical Award category at Level Up 2018.

6 Degrees/Casual Critters @ Wilfrid Laurier

Contract project with Wilfrid Laurier University and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment as part of a research study to determine how easily attitudes and behaviors towards the fragile environment could be changed through video games. I was the lead programmer on this project, and led a team of four as we built eight different minigames which each touched on a different aspect of environmental awareness. The study has concluded and the games are no longer hosted online.