Meet the Team


Founder/Tournament Organizer/Author

aReNGee is the founder of RNG Eternal, a Master Eternal player, and a longtime card game enthusiast. He maintains the Eternal Tier List (updated every second Thursday), Stock Lists for every archetype, and the Eternal Draft Pick Order. In his spare time he runs the Eternal Tournament Series and masterminds coverage.

Twitter: @aRenGeeEternal
Youtube: aReNGee
Reddit: /u/aReNGeeEternal (Moderator)
Discord: aReNGee#5138 (Moderator)
IGN: aReNGee+9077



Neon is a top ranked constructed player, hitting top 25 Masters in all seasons he has played. In addition to writing in-depth Eternal content, he has also cast multiple Scion’s League tournaments and maintains the first Eternal Podcast “Eternal Cast”. His weekly column, Going Deep, runs on Mondays.

Twitter: @NeonEternal
Soundcloud: Eternal Cast
Reddit: /u/NeonBlonde
Discord: Neon#3989
IGN: NeonBlonde+6891



LocoPojo is a streamer, content creator, high level drafter and designer of silly brews. He’s made Master every month of Eternal’s closed beta and is the author of the Eternal Basics series on Youtube. His weekly column, Scions School, runs on Fridays.

Twitter: @LocoPojo
Youtube: LocoPojo
Twitch: LocoPojo
Reddit: /u/LocoPojo
Discord: LocoPojo#6903
IGN: LocoPojo



LightsOutAce is a perennial master rank Eternal player from Wisconsin with a background in Magic: the Gathering. An actuary by trade and a gamer by night, he enjoys playing control decks and spending his entire day in front of a screen (sometimes the first one leads to the second).His weekly column, Lights Out, runs on Wednesdays.

Twitter: @LightsOutAce
Youtube: LightsOutAce1
Reddit: /u/LightsOutAce1
Discord: LightOutAce#2863
IGN: LightsOutAce+8547


Stream Producer

MillerTool comes from a background of Magic The Gathering, starting at the first Zendikar block. A dedicated card game hobbyist, he also participated in the Hearthstone beta, as well as the Eternal closed beta. He took on the role of Producer, with the goal to have a quality ETS stream every week. MillerTool also has a semi-nightly stream, focusing on interesting decks for Eternal ranked play.

Twitch: @MillerTool
Twitter: @MillerTool
Youtube: MillerTool
Reddit: /u/millertool
Discord: MillerTool#1679
IGN: millertool


Tournament Organizer/Stats Guy

Reddit: /u/rekenner
Discord: rekenner#1924
IGN: rekenner+4518



Twitter: @Bairdrus
Discord: Bairdrus#9965
IGN: : Bairdrus+3110

My name is Matthew “Bairdrus” Terrell. I’m a 21 year old gamer from Richmond, Virginia. I got into card games and board games at about age 5 when my father introduced me to Settlers of Catan. He taught me Magic: The Gathering when I was about 8 using his old beta and unlimited cards. From there I got into competitive magic around the Return to Ravnica block, and started playing in local tournaments. I also picked up Hearthstone from closed beta and played competitively for the last 2 sets acquiring a few HCT points and casting one large tournament and several other local ones. I have since switched over to playing Eternal as my only card game starting with open beta when I found the game on steam. I climbed to Master and have been dumping most of my spare time into learning draft and contrsucted.



brekcut is our editor here at RNG Eternal. He’s a full-time choir director and loves gaming. If he’s not playing Eternal, you can find him playing Starcraft 2 or Dota 2. brekcut has played Magic: The Gathering for the last 10 or so years, and loves to play in tournaments that come out to the DFW area. brekcut’s favorite pastime here at RNG Eternal is ensuring that whatever aReNGee writes doesn’t read like William Shatner is speaking it.

Twitter: @brekcut
Twitch: brekcut
Discord: brekcut#1508
IGN: brekcut+2376