The Eternal Throne


The Eternal Throne is never vacant for long, eternally seeking a worthy wielder. However, it is also a fickle title, and should its current wielder fall in battle even once, it will transfer its powers to the victor. Hungering for battle, the Eternal Throne will leave its chosen champion if they sit idle for too long, and raise up the latest victor as its new champion. Many seek to claim the throne, but who will be able to keep it?

SirRhino currently holds the Eternal Throne.

The Eternal Throne is a title that shifts tournament to tournament, similar to the “Unofficial World Championship Badges” in other sports. The winner of the Bring The Bling tournament is the first to claim the Eternal Throne, and they will hold the title until it transfers to a new player. Players may gain and lose the Throne any number of times. Throne ownership transfers in the following ways:

  • If the holder loses a tournament match via clean sweep (they win 0 games in the match), ownership passes to the victor of that match. This includes losses due to drops and DQs, so be careful – the Throne has no need for such players.
  • If the holder loses two tournament matches in a row, ownership passes to the victor of the second match. The Throne seeks victorious champions, not those where made it look close.
  • If the player does not participate in 3 consecutive tournaments that they could have competed in (they were open tournaments, or the player had qualified for them), they MUST compete in the next tournament. If they do not, the Throne will pass to the winner of that tournament, for it will not sit idle for long.

The history of Throne Ownership will be tracked below, and records associated with the Throne will be added to the Hall of Fame at the end of Season Four.

Date Tournament Round Transfer Method Former Owner New Owner
May 28 Bring the Bling Finals Tournament Win Tatsumaki
June 3 ETS Weekly Swiss R6 Second Loss/Clean Sweep  Tatsumaki Calimdir
June 3 ETS Weekly Top 4 Clean Sweep  Calimdir Sir Rhino

Eternal Throne Records

Most Games Holding Throne, Career

  1. Tatsumaki (6 games)
  2. Calimdir (2 games)

Most Games Holding Throne, Consecutive

  1. Tatsumaki (6 games)
  2. Calimdir (2 games)

Longest Winstreak While Holding Throne

  1. Tatsumaki (4 wins)
  2. Tie – Calimdir, SirRhino (1 win)

Highest Winrate While Holding Throne, Career

  1. Tatsumaki (66%)
  2. Calimdir (50%)