Invitational Points

Invitational Points are a representation of how many tournament matches a player has won in the course of a given Season. They last only for the duration of the season, but a small amount of the points a player has earned will carry over to the next season to reward dedicated tournament players. These “carryover points” will not trickle down to the season beyond, only points earned in the previous season will carry over.

Earning Invitational Points

Winning a tournament match at a Weekly Tournament awards that player with one Invitational Point. This is the only way to earn Invitational Points. All matches are weighted the same – winning in the finals is the same as winning in the 0-5 bracket. Players can gain an unlimited number of points at each weekly tournament, limited only by the number of matches they play and win.

NEW FOR SEASON THREE ONWARDS: Your Invitational Point total is NOT the same as the total number of Invitational Points you have earned. Invitational Points earned are tracked PER TOURNAMENT, and only your four highest finishes will count towards your Invitational Point total. These four highest finishes plus your bonus points from last season make up your Invitational Point total. The current season’s Invitational Points are tracked and publicly visible on this page. Players are listed in descending order of Invitational Points.

Invitational points are earned only for the duration of the current season. At the start of a new season, all Invitational Points reset. Players then receive bonus Invitational Points equal to one quarter (1/4, rounded down) of the sum of points gained form their four highest finishes in the previous season.

Example Scenario

Let’s say over the course of Season Two you went 5-2, 5-2, 4-3, 3-4, and 1-6 at five different tournaments. You earned 5, 5, 4, 3 and 1 point at each tournament, respectively. Your top 4 results combine to give you 17 points, and your other results are discarded. Your Invitational Point total for that season (assuming no bonus points) would be 17 Points, and you would receive (17/4 = 4.25 rounded down) 4 bonus points for the next season.

What are Invitational Points used for?

The primary purpose of Invitational Points is to qualify players for Season Invitationals. Players with the fourteen (14) highest Invitational Point totals that have not already qualified will be invited to participate in that Season’s Invitational. If players decline their invitations or otherwise cannot attend, additional players will be invited based on Invitational Points.

Invitational Points are also used to seed Weekly Tournaments as well as seed players within qualification types for the Season Invitational.