Player Profiles: Waladil

Ian “Waladil” Barnhart

Age: 25
Country: United States of America
Team: TeamEdgelord

Seed: 4th
Qualification Type: Winner (Mar 25)
Invitational Points: 18 Points (13th overall)

Series Points: 3 Points (17th overall)
ETS Results: Winner
Major Tournaments:

At first glance, TE Waladil appears unexceptional. Solid win, solid season three results, but nothing that really sets him apart – or so you think. Waladil founding member of TeamEdgelord, a team that prides itself in playing only the edgiest of decks. How edgy are we talking? Kalis edgy. Fans of Stonescar Sacrifice take note, Madness has taken reign and Waladil is Combusting at the helm.