Player Profile: HiThar



Premiere Results

Premiere Tournament Result
Season One Invitational Not Yet Debuted
Season Two Invitational Did Not Attend
Season Three Invitational Top 4
Midseason Major Top 6
Season Four Invitational Did Not Place
Season Five Invitational Top 6
Season Six Invitational Top 4

ETS Results: Two time Finalist, twice Top 4

One of the founding members of Seek Power Gaming, Alex “HiThar” Pavelka has long been one of the most consistently successful members of the tournament scene. His success dates all the way back to his successful debut at the Eye of Winter Classic in December 2016, where he took 3rd place. His initial success would prove to be a sign of things to come – HiThar turned Top 8ing major tournaments into the norm rather than the exception. His four Premiere Top 8s are equaled only by Series Point leader Angrychicken, with his most recent finish being a mere two weeks before the World Championships at the Season Six Invitational. A large portion of HiThar’s success can be attributed to his consistency – HiThar boasts the 8th highest career winrate, just a single loss back from 7th place Angrychicken. Comparisons between HiThar and the leading poultry don’t just end with their successes and startlingly similar winrates, they also share a trademark deck. Like Angrychicken, HiThar has long been known for playing Combrei, a faction in which consistency, reliability, and flexibility are all watchwords.  Not one to stray too far from his roots, HiThar’s Season Six Invitational run was spearheaded by his “Bruised” Combrei deck, which featured the same powerful Combrei core with some Shadow removal to keep the cows at bay.

All ups have their downs, and HiThar’s success is not without its caveats. He’s had plenty of good results, but never quite broken through into the winner’s circle. His laudable tournament record lacks a single tournament win, even at the weekly level. As a leading member of SPG, he captained the SPG Destiny team in ETS Team League to an unfortunate last place finish with a 1 – 4 record. Obviously there were other factors at play, but it was still an unfortunate result for a man accustomed to doing well.

As a player, HiThar tends to favor conservative lines of play, sometimes to extremes. You’ll often see him hold back with a winning board position and grind his opponent down, even if he has on board lethal. This is not BM, but caution – HiThar hates losing to a fast spell when he doesn’t need to. He’s successfully played around many tricks his opponent’s did have, but has occasionally let an opponent sneak back into a game HiThar was supposed to win handily. Our roster of Worlds players includes a few masters of the art of bluffing, and HiThar must take care that his caution does not lead complacency. If he can tread that fine line, HiThar will be well positioned to take his 5th Premiere Top 8 on the biggest stage of all.