Player Profile: Sarius


Premiere Results

Premiere Tournament Result
Season One Invitational Not Yet Debuted
Season Two Invitational Not Yet Debuted
Season Three Invitational Finalist
Midseason Major Top 8
Season Four Invitational Top 12
Season Five Invitational Did Not Attend
Season Six Invitational Top 8

ETS Results: Once Winner, once Finalist

A player from early in the Closed Beta that came back to the game early in 2017 and then immediately hopped into the ETS, many people’s first impressions of Rostislav “VSarius” Emelianov was probably that he was an aggro player, as his success in the Season 3 Invitational and Midseason Major were on Burn Queen. Since then, that impression has probably evolved to thinking of him as a Spike – playing the strongest deck and going for the win. He trains with ManuS and the rest of team Eternal Titans, often bringing highly tuned versions of a deck that’s been showing success.

However, what I associate most with Sarius is his attempted revival of Finkel-style 4F Control and his second place finish in the May 20th ETS with a deck he titled “Crystal Winds”. In Closed Beta, on the back of original Secret Pages (a card similar to Find the Way, but the sigil you fetched wasn’t depleted) and 7S Gift, Finkel created his 4F Control list, which was TJP Control, splash Azindel’s Gift. This list fell out of favor with the rise of Burn, but Sarius spent a lot of time after the release of Find the Way attempting to bring this deck back. He deemed it ETS ready… just in time for Gift to be nerfed and the deck to be once again buried.

Crystal Winds was a combo-tempo deck, taking inspiration from two other decks – Feln Aggro/Tempo (Felnver!) and West-Wind Herald combo. Crystal Winds played similarly to Feln Aggro, taking advantage of the power of Whispering Wind and Beastcaller’s Amulet, but with West-Wind Herald to recur Crystalize or Scouting Party. It could lock down your board forever, while it clocked you with its creatures or drown you in card advantage with an infinite horde of 1/1 yetis.

Both of these decks have many moving parts, a complex tutor package, and require tight play to see results. So, to me, Sarius is definitely a Johnny as well as a Spike. He’s driven to win, but he likes to win with decks that require him to push himself. This might be a drawback in a long tournament, but Sarius is a dedicated player that usually puts in hundreds of reps on decks. He’s coming off the back of a hiatus, but his performance in the Season 6 Invitational shows he still has what it takes, but can only 1 event’s worth of momentum carry him to victory?

Written by rekenner