Player Profile: Unearthly


Premiere Results

Premiere Tournament Result
Season One Invitational Did Not Place
Season Two Invitational Top 8
Season Three Invitational Top 6
Midseason Major Did Not Place
Season Four Invitational Did Not Place
Season Five Invitational Did Not Place
Season Six Invitational Top 12

ETS Results: Six time Winner, thrice Top 4

Steve “Unearthly” Kolk, AKA Mr. Rakano. For the better part of Eternal’s history, if you wanted the definitive Rakano list for ladder or competitive play, Unearthly was the source. He iterated on threat balance, power base, and the exact answers to beat the field, all incredibly quickly. There were multiple seasons where an Unearthly ladder special pushed me over the hump into master when everything else seemed to fail.

He’s posted one of the absolute best careers in the ETS, ever since the beginning. He premiered in Season 1, on November 12th, 2016, casually winning his first tournament. He’s the king of weeklies, having won more weekly tournaments than any other player, with one of the highest winrates to match. However, he’s never managed to break into the finals of a Major event, despite being the only player to have attended every one.

He has built and rebuilt Rakano to beat the meta, against the odds. After the nerfs to Gilded Glaive and Pyroknight and with the rise of Stonescar Burn at the start of Open Beta, Unearthly built Righteous Rakano to win a weekly in Season 2 – bringing in Righteous Fury and re-uniting Plate + Bird, a match made in heaven, that had fallen out of fashion in late Closed Beta. He brought out an interesting tech choice aiming at go-wide Stonescar decks in the Season 2 Invitational, Assembly Line. He wasn’t packing Rally to race them, he referred to it as the “Fire Lighting Storm”, able to stymie Stonescar’s aggression so he could Voltron up a huge Lifesteal unit or put on an unstoppable clock with Plate.

After the Crownwatch Paladin nerf in Season 3, with Big Combrei and Armory on rise, Rakano was dead! Unearthly even posted a picture of the disenchanting of his premium Paladins! …And then Unearthly took Top 6 in the Season 3 Invitational, his best placement, against one of the most hostile fields. He crafted Anti-Combrei Rakano Plate, taking Torch and Finest Hour out of the main (heresy!) and bringing in Ijin, Crownwatch Cavalry, and Tinker Overseer. Crownwatch Cavalry was the anti-armory tech, Ijin was the anti-Combrei tech, and Tinker Overseer was the 2-drop to replace Paladin. While Finest Hour and Torch sometimes get through a single Torch, Ijin allowed him build and rebuild threats that could punch through Combrei’s big blockers.

And then in Season 4, the Chalice menace came… and Oathbook was the adaptation, a weapon that could push through Chalice’s removal without getting 2:1’d. Unearthly has since become nightmare fuel for Bradykin, one of the best Chalice players, as Unearthly usually wins the match when they meet at 3-0 or 4-0 in the Swiss portion of weekly events.

Unearthly has played Stonescar Burn, Argenport Midrange and even Chalice, in Season 1 of the ETS Team League. He isn’t a one-trick pony, but he obviously has a comfort zone. He’s been targeted, in the past, with seeding known in our Double Elimination tournaments, but Worlds is going to be a Round Robin. With the nerfs to Argenport and a different tournament format, this may be Unearthly’s time to dust off the old Plate and take home the prize that’s always eluded him – a Major Tournament win.

Written by rekenner