Player Profile: Unearthly

UnearthlySteveSteve “Unearthly” Kolk

Age: 31
Country: United States of America
Team: Voprex’s Favored

Seed: Group D, Seed 1
Qualification Type: Series Points

Series Points: 17 Points (1st overall)
ETS Results: 3xWinner, Top 4, Top 8
Major Tournaments: Top 6 (Season 3 Invitational), Top 8 (Season 2 Invitational)

Well known for his Rakano play, VPX Unearthly showed us his ability to adapt yet again with a very impressive top 6 finish at the Season 3 Invitational. With the highest overall Series Point total, Unearthly is definitely one of the favorites to take down the Midseason Major. With his deck of choice well known, opponents will likely be ready for him, but will that be enough to defeat the Rakano master? With a weekly win in every season and a fantastic finish despite a hostile field, Unearthly and Rakano have time and time again shown their ability to adapt. Can he do it again and take down the Midseason Major?