Player Profile: Sir Rhino

Cory “Sir Rhino” Cerino

Age: 27
Country: United States of America

Seed: 28th
Qualification Type: Invitational Points
Invitational Points: 16 Points (T – 16th overall)

Series Points: 13 Points (T – 2nd overall)
ETS Results: Winner, Finalist, Top 4
Major Tournaments: 3rd (S2Invitational)


Sir Rhino took third place at the Season Two Invitational, and returns for his third invitational in row. An popular streamer/blamer of Comcast, Sir Rhino constantly professes how he prefers draft – yet he’s been playing tournaments since Scion’s League. He had a weak showing this season (for him), but he’ll likely be back in form for the Invitational.