Player Profile: Mezmorizor

Ronald “Mezmorizor” Bercaw

Age: 22
Country: United States of America
Team: Wizard Poker Champions

Seed: 13th
Qualification Type: Weekly Finalist (Feb 11)
Invitational Points: 8 Points (T – 36th overall)

Series Points: 2 Point (T – 29th overall)
ETS Results: Finalist
Major Tournaments:

One of our “spike and hike” players, WPC Mezmorizor showed up, took second, and then did not play for the remainder of Season Three. With only a single result to work from, players are going to have a difficult time pinning Mezmorizor down, while he has plenty of information to work with. On the other hand, its been over six weeks since Mezmorizor’s last tournament – will he still be in top form?