Player Profile: Ilyak

Ilya “IlyaK” Kipnis

Age: 30
Country: United States of America
Team: Voprex’s Favored

Seed: 20th
Qualification Type: Invitational Points
Invitational Points: 19 Points (T – 8th overall)

Series Points: 7 Points (T – 37th overall)
ETS Results: Winner, Finalist, Top 4, Top 8
Major Tournaments: Top 6 (EOWC), Top 12 (S2Invitational)


After an incredible Season Two, the mighty VPX Ilyak’s roar has become more of a whimper. With no major results this season, Ilyak returns to his second Invitational on the back of his powerful performance last season, but it will do him no favors at the tournament itself. He’ll have to return to his winning ways if he wants to do well.