Player Profile: AngryChicken

Joachim “AngryChicken” Mueller

Age: 22
Country: Germany
Team: The Mediocre Parliment

Seed: 17th
Qualification Type: Invitational Points
Invitational Points: 22 Points (2nd overall)

Series Points: 2 Points (29th overall)
ETS Results: 2xTop 4, Top 8
Major Tournaments:

The breakout rookie of Season Three, TMP AngryChicken only played in the final four tournaments of the season. Of those four, he failed to make top 8 only once, missing on breakers at 4-2. With an incredibly high conversion rate, AngryChicken has a lot of momentum moving into the Season Three Invitational. It remains to be seen if his Swiss success will translate into the Invitational, but there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that AngryChicken is a player to watch out for.