ETS Worldwide Rankings

The Worldwide Rankings track how many Series Points players have, as well as various Champions. Champions automatically qualify for the World Championships. The player with the most Series Points after the World Championships is crowned Player of the Year!

What are Series Points?

Series Point Standings

Updated March 20th

1st: Toth201 (15 Points) [Season One Invitational Champion]
2nd: LocoPojo (13 Points)
2nd: SirRhino (13 Points)
2nd: Unearthly (13 Points)
5th: iReedMinds (12 Points) [Season Two Invitational Champion]
6th: KampfKrote (10 Points)
7th: Ilyak1986 (7 Points)
8th: JockeD (6 Points)
8th: Rewind (6 Points)
8th: Shedd (6 Points)
11th: BobertJoe (5 Points)
11th: Grizzly (5 Points)
11th: Linyvine (5 Points)
14th: Crispah (4 Points)
14th: Smoonay (4 Points)
14th: Thundershot (4 Points)
17th: Babam (3 Points)
17th: DDevit (3 Points)
17th: Francois (3 Points)
17th: Komodo (3 Points)
17th: Paradox (3 Points)
17th: Pingonme (3 Points)
17th: Platypus (3 Points)
17th: Rargonaut (3 Points)
17th: RedWorld (3 Points)
17th: Swagson (3 Points)
17th: Zanric (3 Points)
17th: Waladil (3 Points)
29th: AngryChicken (2 Points)
29th: cybeRRage (2 Points)
29th: ExKirby (2 Points)
29th: jaypeg (2 Points)
29th: Kaneda (2 Points)
29th: Marius294 (2 Points)
29th: Mezmorizor (2 Points)
29th: Tobboo (2 Points)
37th: camat0 (1 Point)
37th: CATalyst (1 Point)
37th: Chronocide (1 Point)
37th: Dresden (1 Point)
37th: Hebbes (1 Point)
37th: HiThar (1 Point)
37th: Illunga (1 Point)
37th: Jellomoose (1 Point)
37th: MooToo (1 Point)
37th: NickDemon (1 Point)
37th: Rhyme (1 Point)
37th: Shadowfire (1 Point)
37th: Sorlix (1 Point)
37th: Struggle (1 Point)
37th: teddybear (1 Point)
37th: Tenodera (1 Point)
37th: Tissnu (1 Point)
37th: tvkelley (1 Point)
37th: webbwalker (1 Point)
37th: Xpapak (1 Point)
37th: zevz2990 (1 Point)