Player Profile: Toth201


Premiere Results

Premiere Tournament Result
Season One Invitational Champion
Season Two Invitational Top 6
Season Three Invitational Did Not Place
Midseason Major Top 4
Season Four Invitational Did Not Place
Season Five Invitational Did Not Attend
Season Six Invitational Did Not Attend

ETS Results: Once Winner, one Top 4

Arno “Toth201” Askamp was the first player to clinch a Worlds Invite, and he is also our longest playing Worlds player. Toth debuted over a year ago, at the very first Eternal Tournament Series tournament on Oct 22nd, 2016. While his early results were unexciting, he did win the first tournament after Eternal went into Open Beta (over our own rekenner), which qualified him for the first ETS Invitational. At the invitational, Toth’s brand new FTP Shimmerpack list took the tournament by storm, and he pushed through Winner’s Bracket to an Invitational win.

While his tournament wins are nearly a year past, Toth’s success is not limited to those early days. He took Top 6 at the Season 2 Invitational, and a 4th place at the Midseason Major. Present but unsuccessful at the Season 3 and 4 Invitationals, Toth201 took a break from Eternal shortly after the release of Omens of the Past. He returned for Season Six, but failed to find his feet again in time to qualify for the Season Six Invitational. Toth did mange to find his feet in Team League, where his impressive match score of 7 wins and 2 losses helped to push his OND Feather teammates all the way to the Team League finals.

While Toth201 is usually the kind of player to jam the same deck week in, week out, his long break has left him without a pet deck to rely on. This gives him a lot more range than he usually has, but also means more time will be spent on preliminary testing and less on tuning. Toth’s previous success has come when he brewed an archetype players were unprepared for – will he be able to do it again?