Player Profile: Tobbo


Premiere Results

Premiere Tournament Result
Season One Invitational Not Yet Debuted
Season Two Invitational Not Yet Debuted
Season Three Invitational Did Not Attend
Midseason Major Did Not Attend
Season Four Invitational Top 6
Season Five Invitational Did Not Place
Season Six Invitational Top 12

ETS Results: Two time Finalist, one Top 4

As the wildcard winner, Tobbo’s path to the Invitational was by nature less certain than many of the other World’s attendees, but in truth he’s been on the bubble for seasons. Debuting with a Top 8 way back in Season 3, Tobbo later came Top 2 and earned an Invitational berth for himself, but was unable to attend the Invitational. When he repeated the result a season later and actually attended the invitational, his top 6 pushed him up to 9 series points – just a single point off 8th place at the time. In great shape to claim the spot as his own at the Season Five Invitational, he fell short and 8th place moved further beyond his reach in Season 6, when both Elunex and Camat0 widened the gap to 3 points. An early exit for both at the Season Six Invitational gave him a chance, but a Top 12 finish was not enough to make up for lost ground and it was off to Wildcards.

Tobbo was the only Chalice player at Wildcards, and it appears to have been a solid choice as he absolutely ran the table with the deck, easily defeating almost all of his opponents on his way to a win. Riding some serious momentum off the win, Tobbo moves into the Invitational an expected quantity – most expect him to run back the Chalice list that got him there. Will this prediction be his downfall, or will the momentum be enough to carry him through?