Player Profile: Mouche


Premiere Results

Premiere Tournament Result
Season One Invitational Did Not Attend
Season Two Invitational Did Not Attend
Season Three Invitational Did Not Attend
Midseason Major Did Not Attend
Season Four Invitational Did Not Place
Season Five Invitational Top 6
Season Six Invitational Finalist

ETS Results: Two time Finalist

Many World’s players have a faction or deck that they are known for – Unearthly’s Rakano, Angrychicken and HiThar’s Combrei, or KampfKrote’s Stonescar. For Mouche, he known less for a deck and more a way of life – Time Justice Primal is his wheelhouse. While he debuted far back in Season One, making him one of our longest running players, Mouche had his first breakout result in Season Four when he brought a then-unknown Chalice deck to a weekly, sweeping the swiss and ending in second place. His performance would mark the beginning of the Chalice era of tournament play, and Mouche’s rise to stardom. While unsuccessful at the Season Four Invitational, Mouche popped up again with another finalist result in Season Five – interestingly, this time with Big Combrei. He returned to Chalice for his Season Five Invitational run, and his Top 6 finish put him on the bubble for Worlds. By Season Six, Chalice was no longer in vogue, and Mouche turned to a different TJP deck – TJP Midrange. Defeated in the third round by eventual champion LightsOutAce, Mouche ran through the bottom bracket in order to score a rematch in the grand finals, and managed a bracket reset before LOA eventually took him down. Riding high of his second place finish, Mouche was safely qualified for worlds and now needs to make a very tough decision – would one of his TJP decks see him through, or will he need to branch out?