Player Profile: LoveUP


Premiere Results

Premiere Tournament Result
Season One Invitational Not Yet Debuted
Season Two Invitational Not Yet Debuted
Season Three Invitational Top 3
Midseason Major Finalist
Season Four Invitational Did Not Attend
Season Five Invitational Did Not Attend
Season Six Invitational Did Not Attend

ETS Results:

While many claim to have invented or reinvented TJP Midrange, Paulo “LoveUP” Gorayeb was the first person to find success with it in a Major ETS event. After a strong debut Season 3, posting solid results on a handful of decks, LoveUP settled on his weapon of choice for the Season 3 Invitational. A deck that has been tinkered with for months, LoveUP finally hit on a version of TJP Midrange that hit the right mix of the best cards in the game that didn’t lose to its own power base.

A quick aside: TJP did make Top 8 as “Shimmering Combrei” in the Eye of Winter Classic and LoveUP’s true debut was actually the Pillars of Amar Team Tournament, where his team, ECG Brazil, took 4th. He also took second in Three Deck Titans, another for fun event we ran.

While S3I was the AngryChicken show and KampfKrote won the Midseason Major, when you look at the two events combined, LoveUP was the unsung star. He eared the most combined Series Points of any player in the deck, and also effectively locking in a slot at Worlds.

And now, LoveUP is back from a long hiatus, just in time for the reinvention of TJP Midrange. Has his break from competitive Eternal made him rusty or has he just been biding his time, waiting for the meta to be right before he strikes again?