Player Profile: IlyaK


Premiere Results

Premiere Tournament Result
Season One Invitational Not Yet Debuted
Season Two Invitational Top 12
Season Three Invitational Top 12
Midseason Major Top 8
Season Four Invitational Did Not Place
Season Five Invitational Did Not Place
Season Six Invitational Did Not Place

ETS Results: Once Winner, two time Finalist, two time Top 4

The creatively nicknamed Ilya “IlyaK” Kipnis has been around for a long, long time, both as a tournament player and as a personality. Always outspoken, never afraid to speak his mind, players are always aware about IlyaK feels about game and card balance at any particular time. However, his salt never extends beyond the game (or his personal comms, which were always amusing to hear) and players find in him a respectful opponent. Despite disagreeing with many of the balance decisions of the game, IlyaK is well in tune with them, and has been able to compete at a very high level for as long as he’s been playing tournaments. He debuted with a Top 8 in the very first weekly of Season Two, back in December 2016. He then went on to dominate the Season Two regular season, setting all kinds of records and putting up both a win and a second place finish in addition to numerous Top 8 appearances. In more recent times, IlyaK also found success on the team circuit. A founding member of Team Owls and Dragons, he played a critical role in the success of OND Flame in Team League, helping to claw them back from an 0-2 start and taking them all the way to their big win in the Finals.

Unfortunately, despite his success IlyaK has never been able to recapture his original Season Two dominance. In Season Three and beyond, he has plenty of weekly top 8’s, but has mostly failed to convert with only a Top 4 and a Top 2 finish granting him points. Despite six consecutive premiere tournaments, IlyaK has had to make do with Top 8 at the Midseason Major as the highest of his finishes. While a respectable result, a man as competitive as IlyaK is hungers for more. Boasting the second highest matches played in the entire tournament series, IlyaK has ground out a ton of matches. As a player, IlyaK always tries to play the best deck for any particular tournament, and has experimented with a variety of decks and strategies that he believed might lead to his ultimate goal – winning. While unafraid to experiment, there have been weeks where IlyaK is unsure what direction to go in, or simply chose the wrong way to approach the environment. These have led to some spectacular blowouts along the way, as IlyaK isn’t always the most familiar with the decks he’s piloting. When he gets a good match between a deck he’s comfortable with and a meta its good in, he’s a fearsome foe, but he risks pushing himself too far trying to be clever.