Player Profile: childroland


Premiere Results

Premiere Tournament Result
Season One Invitational Not Yet Debuted
Season Two Invitational Not Yet Debuted
Season Three Invitational Not Yet Debuted
Midseason Major Not Yet Debuted
Season Four Invitational Champion
Season Five Invitational Did Not Place
Season Six Invitational Did Not Place

ETS Results: Twice Top 4

Charles “childroland” Boody burst onto the scene in one of the most explosive ways possible. Like AngryChicken before him, he showed up a few weeks into Season 4, and started making regular Top 8 appearances with his take on Burn Queen. Again, like Chicken before him, he was showing himself to be the player to beat, that season.

However, what really set everyone’s expectations high was childroland’s performance in the first in-game Event that Direwolf ran. There were no special in-game or deck construction rules, your first 3 runs were counted towards your rank, and it was 7 wins or 3 losses. roland set an early #1 on the back of a 21-2 record and no one managed to shake his hold on the #1 spot. He earned himself a spoiler card for Omens of the Past, which was soon to be released, at the time.

Then the Season 4 Invitational rolled around and roland pulled off an undefeated run, beating two previous winners, Toth201 and AngryChicken, and another Worlds player, Tobboo. This earned him another spoiler for Omens of the Past and cemented roland as the king of both ladder and competitive Eternal in that moment.

However, despite posting these great results, roland claims to be a better drafter than constructed player. He streams most weekday mornings and his results back him up – he hovers around a 60% winrate over a thousand games. He does, however, seemingly have a rivalry with Mann_und_Mouse that’s generally in MuM’s favor. They both regularly stream and draft at the same time, setting up entertaining clashes of titans.

Unfortunately, since Season 4 and especially the latest nerf to Stonescar (the removal of Powersurge and nerfing of Charchain Flail and Flame Blast), roland has had a bit of trouble finding his footing. He played Dark Combrei in the Season 5 Invitational and Tavrod Armory in the Season 6 Invitational, but didn’t make Top 8 in either event. He’s played Skycrag in Season 1 of the ETS Team League and in a smattering of weeklies, but until his teammate Paradox’s performance in the Worlds Wildcard tournament, Skycrag hasn’t seen much success in the hands of any of its pilots. Has roland found something new or will he return to his Fire-aggro comfort zone? Will Fire-aggro be the right call for the tournament?

Written by rekenner