ETS World Championships

The ETS World Championships is the highest stakes and most prestigious tournament in all of Eternal. Sixteen of the very best players gather to play for over three thousand dollars in prizes, the Player of the Year title, and the title of World Champion!

When and Where

The World Championships will be held over an unprecedented FOUR days. All days begin at 11am EST.

Round Robin: November 11th and 12th

Elimination Round: November 17th

Grand Finals: November 18th

The stream for both days will be live on the aReNGeeEternal twitch stream and should begin an hour before the tournament starts.

Tournament Format

Round Robin (Day 1 and 2)

The World Championships is not a place for luck to decide games, nor is it something that will be rushed through. The first two days of the tournament will be a full duration round robin. Every player will play each other player once over fifteen rounds. In order to prove you’re the best, you’re going to have to face everyone else and prove it. No players will be eliminated during this phase – players will be seeded into the Elimination Round depending on how they do in the round robin. The top four players will be seeded directly into the Grand Finals portion of the tournament. The 5th best through 12th best players will be put directly into Pod A for the elimination stage, while the bottom 4 players after the group stage are put into Pod B for the elimination stage, which will also occur on day 2.

Day 2 – Pod B  Eliminations (4 players, 1 advances)

Pod B will play a four player sudden death single elimination tournament for a bearth in Pod A. The lowest record will face the fourth lowest, and the third lowest the second lowest in a bo5 match. The winners of these matches will face each other in a final bo5 match, and the winner of that match will move on to day 3 as part of pod A.

Elimination Stage (Day 3)

The top 4 players from the first two days get to relax and skip the Elimination stage. The eight remaining players will face off for four remaining slots in the finals. Once again, round robin play will decide who moves on – every player will have to face every other player, so no complaining about bad matchups!

Pod A (9 players, 4 advance)

Pod A will play 9 rounds of round robin on day 3. After the round robin (and any necessary tiebreakers) are complete, the players with the best four records move on into the Grand Finals. The other five players are eliminated from the tournament.

Grand Finals

We’ve asked players to prove themselves all down the stretch, and they’ve done so. No more Round Robin play – now its a case of Last Man Standing. However, we’re not about to let a single slip here end a player’s run – the final leg of the tournament will be an 8 player Double Elimination bracket. Players who qualified via day 2 will be seeded 1-4 based on day 2 record. Players who qualified via Pod A on day 3 will be seeded 5-8 via Pod A record. Lose twice, and you’re done – win out, and claim the title of World Champion!

Day-by-Day Schedule

Round time will be 45 minutes and each day is expected to last 7-8 hours. Scheduling may be subject to change if cause arises.

Day 1 (Round Robin)

  • 9 rounds of Round Robin play

Day 2 (Round Robin and Pod B Elimination)

  • 6 rounds of Round Robin play
  • Tiebreaker match(s) if necessary
  • Top 4 players are seeded directly to day 4.
  • Bottom 4 players placed in Pod B.
  • Other players move on to Pod A.
  • 2 rounds Pod B elimination.

Day 3 (Elimination)

  • 9 rounds of round robin play
  • Tiebreaker match(s) if necessary

Day 4 (Grand Finals)

  • 8 or 9 rounds of double elimination


The primary tiebreaker for the world championships will be Head to Head record. If this is not sufficient to break ties (in the case of a three way tie) additional matches will be played.

ETS World Championship Prizing ($3000+ prize pool)

First Place: The title of World Champion, a cash prize of $1000, 20 Series Points, and a very good shot at the Player of the Year title.

Second Place: A cash prize of $750 and 16 Series Points.

Third Place: A cash prize of $500 and 13 Series Points.

Fourth Place: A cash prize of $250 and 10 Series Points.

Fifth and Sixth Place: A cash prize of $150 and 8 Series Points.

Seventh and Eighth Place: A cash prize of $100 and 6 Series Points.

What are Series Points?

Qualifying for the World Championships

Only sixteen (16) players are invited to the World Championships, and they will be invited from the following sources:

  • The six (6) Invitational Champions
  • The MSM Champion (1)
  • The top eight (8) players on the Worldwide Rankings not already qualified.
  • The winner (1) of the Worlds Wildcard

The World Champions is a culmination of the best and most successful Eternal tournament players this year has to offer, and the invitation criteria reflect that. Seven players are invited directly by winning major tournaments, while the other eight are invited based on their Series point totals, which indicates success at previous tournaments. Series Points are not easy to acquire – you need to Top 4 a weekly tournament or Top 12 an Invitational just to earn a single point!

Already Qualified

The following players have already qualified for the ETS World Championships

  • Toth201 (Season One Invitational Champion)
  • iReedMinds (Season Two Invitational Champion)
  • Angrychicken (Season Three Invitational Champion)
  • KampfKrote (Midseason Major Champion)
  • childroland (Season Four Invitational Champion)
  • Sunyveil (Season 5 Invitational Champion)

At the time of writing, the lowest Series Point total that could get a direct invite is twelve (12) Series Points.

The Worlds Wildcard

The Worlds Wildcard tournament takes place on November 4th and November 5th, 2017. It is a sixteen person double elimination tournament, with the sole prize going to the winner, an invitation to the World Championships. This is the only way to qualify for the World Championships if you are not directly invited.

The sixteen players with the highest Series Point totals that did not get invited to the World Championships will be invited to take part in the Worlds Wildcard tournament.

Full Rules

The full rules for these events can be found on the ETS Rules page.