ETS Team League – Season 1

The ETS Team League is a competitive Eternal league in which registered teams play one match per week until they’ve faced every other team. At the end of the season, teams will be paid according to their final placement, and the top four teams will move on to the playoffs and play for even more prizes.

What is a Team?

A team is an officially registered group of players that is participating in weekly ETS Team League matches. All teams have an official team name that they are referred to as and a logo to show off their style. We allow teams to choose their own names and logos, but reserve the right to veto names we feel are inappropriate or unsuitable.

  • Teams are comprised of a minimum of three and a maximum of six players.
  • Players may only join a team during the initial registration. Once a player is officially registered to a team, they may not join any other team for the duration of the season, even if they leave their original team.
  • Every team chooses a Team Captain. This position confers no special benefits, but the majority of official communications will go through the Team Captain, and it is their responsibility to ensure that their team is prepared for their weekly match.
  • Players may leave the team at any time with the permission of their Team Captain by notifying the organizers, as long as this does not leave their team with less than 3 players.
  • If the Team Captain leaves, the team must choose a new Team Captain.

Meet the Teams!

How do matches work?

The Team League uses the single round robin format, which means each team will play every other team once. Teams will play one match per week on Sundays, and the exact schedule will be laid out before the season begins. Prior to their matches, each team must register their active players as well as their decklists for that week.

  • Matches are played in a Best of Five Sets Last Player Standing format.
    • Sets are played best of 3 games.
    • The first team to win 3 sets will win the match.
    • The player and deck registered first for each team will play a Best of Three set against each other. The winner of the set remains, the loser can no longer participate in the match.
    • The team that lost the previous set may field any of their remaining players for their next set.
    • The team that won the set must field the same player for the next set.
    • There is no time limit for the sets or match, but please be reasonable with your use of time.
  • During registration, three active player/deck pairs are registered. These choices do not become public until the match begins.
  • Players must play the deck they are registered with.
  • A registered active player must play the set they are supposed to play. If they are unavailable, a substitute player from the team who was not registered for that weeks match may fill in for them using the same deck, but the team will receive a game loss penalty for the set. If no substitute can be fielded, the team forfeits that set.
  • There is no maximum or minimum amount of matches a player can be registered for. A three person team will always field the same members, a six person team can field any combination it chooses – always the same 3 members, an even rotation, occasional substitutes, etc.
  • As this is a team event, players are allowed to confer with their teammates (both active and reserve) during their weekly matches. However, the player who is registered to play the set must physically play the set.

When are matches played?

Match schedules will be finalized on September 16th. Beginning on September 17th, there will be 5 weeks of league play, followed by a playoff for the top 4 teams. Playoff information will become finalized later in the season, but will take place all in one day and use the same basic match rules as the regular season.

  • Matches will be scheduled for Sundays, scheduled approximate 2 hours apart.
  • Matches will generally begin at 12pm EST (9am PST).
  • Matches will generally be broadcast live, but matches will not wait for the broadcast to begin. A later match will start on time even if a previous match is still being broadcast – the broadcast will join the later match once the previous match completes.

Team League Schedule

Match Day ETS Team League
Sept 17 Week 1
Sept 24 Week 2
Oct 1 Week 3
Oct 8 Week 4
Oct 15 Week 5
Oct 22 Playoffs

How do Standings work?

Matches are played in best of five sets. The score of the sets and the matches will be tracked, but only the final result matters. Teams will be ranked based on their win/loss in matches against other teams. At the end of the season, the top four teams in the regular season rankings will be invited to playoffs. Head to head record will be used as the initial tiebreaking method, if this is not sufficient to determine final standings a tiebreaker match will be played.

What are the prizes for playing?

At the end of the season, ALL teams that completed the season will be paid prizing based on their final standings. Teams that qualify for playoffs will be battling for additional prizing to supplement their regular season payout.

The following prizing scheme assumes a six team league. The final prizing numbers will be available on September 16th and will be scaled to the number of teams by adding numbers to the top (last place will pay the same as 6th does here).

Regular Season Prizing

  • First Place: $200
  • Second Place: $150
  • Third Place: $120
  • Fourth Place: $90
  • Fifth Place: $60
  • Sixth Place: $30

Playoff Prizing

  • First Place: $200
  • Second Place: $100
  • Third Place: $50
  • Fourth Place: $0



The ETS Team League uses many of the infractions of the regular ETS ruleset, with the exception that communication during matches is allowed with teammates. Additional Team League specific rulesets are below.

  • Decklists are the same as usual – 75 card main deck (minimum) and 15 card sideboard.
  • There are no special restrictions when registering decklists – you can register three of the same 90 card lists if you like.
  • Inter team dispute over decklists or lineups must be dealt with in team. Disputes over joining or leaving the team may be arbitrated by the organizers, who reserve the right to make a final ruling.
  • Individual player stats will be tracked publicly but have no bearing on the team’s standing.
  • We ask that players do not publicly stream their perspectives while playing in Team League. Sharing with your teammates is allowed.
  • All payment will be made to and via Paypal, in USD.

As this is the prototype season of the ETS Team League, we reserve the right to make changes to the ruleset and schedule during the season if necessary.