ETS All Stars 2018

The Eternal Tournament Series is bringing together eight of the best players to play Eternal in a never before seen format – Faction Draft! From last years champions to this years top performers, all the best players you know and cheer for will be out to strut their stuff. All Stars is a showcase tournament and does not award points of any kind.

All Stars will take place over two days, on June 16th and 17th. The Faction Draft portion of the event will take place on June 9th.

Who are the All Stars?

The eight players who will be participating in All-Stars include:

  1. The 2017 World Champion (camat0)
  2. The 2017 Player of the Year (Unearthly)
  3. The Season One Invitational Champion (TonyGeeeee)
  4. The Season One IP Leader (SecondBlue)
  5. The Season Two Invitational Champion
  6. The Season Two IP Leader
  7. The 2017 Rookie of the Year*
  8. The overall 2018 SP leader after the Season Two Invitational

*There was no Rookie of the Year in 2017, so this invite will be replaced with the highest ranked Rookie in 2018 after the Season Two Invitational.

In the event of an IP tie for IP Leader, the invite will go to the player who finishes highest in that season’s Invitational Tournament. In the event of a tie for SP, the invite will go to the player who finished higher in the Season Two Invitational. In the event of further ties, a tiebreaker match will be held.

In the event of a player claiming multiple invites or declined invites, there will be additional invites to the top SP players to bring the total number of players back up to 8.

What is Faction Draft?


Faction Draft Faction Chart

Faction Draft is a new Eternal Format developed for All Stars. All single, double, and triple faction pairings will be laid out for drafting (25 in total). Draft order will be randomized, then the eight All Stars will snake draft (draft in order, then reverse order, then in order) three factions from the available pool. Each All Star will then build three decks, each using one of the three faction “pairings” that they have drafted. For example, if they drafted Mono Justice, Fire-Primal, and Fire-Justice-Shadow, they would need to build a Mono Justice deck, a Fire-Primal deck, and a Fire-Justice-Shadow deck. No player will share the same faction pairing, so there will be plenty of unique decks to showcase!

How will matches be played?

Matches will be played in the format currently used by Team League, although with only a single player – Best of Five Last Deck Standing.

  • Decklists will be public as always.
  • Matches are played best of five sets.
  • Sets are played best of 3 games.
  • Before the match, each player will choose which of their three decks they wish to start with (double blind).
  • The two lead decks will face off against each other.
  • The winner of the set remains with their current deck, the loser’s deck is eliminated from the match and they must choose a different deck to continue.
  • The player that lost the set may field any of their remaining decks for the next set.
  • The first player to win 3 sets will win the match.

Tournament Format

Due to the longer duration required for Last Deck Standing matches, as well as the showcase nature of the tournament, the tournament will be played in single elimination format with the addition of a third place match. All matches will be broadcast, with the Quarterfinals matches being broadcast on Day One and the remainder of the matches being broadcast on Day Two.

Ruleset and Infractions

Other than the distinctions noted above, ETS All Stars will follow the regular ETS ruleset.