Deck Registration Tutorial

General Questions:

A more detailed explanation of the various questions in the ETS Registration form:

Your Eternal Username, including your 4 digit friend code, can be found both in your profile and at the top of your Friend List.

Your Discord Username, including your 4 digit friend code, can be found in the bottom left corner of the Discord client. Being on the Discord is required to participate in events! Read the On the Day Of page for more information about the Discord.

The Deck Archetype should be the generally considered name of the deck. If the deck is not a commonly played deck, a name including the faction(s) and type of deck (eg., Aggro, Midrange, Control, Combo etc.) would be appreciated. The Deck Name, however, can be whatever you want. Have fun! (Names may be changed at Tournament Organizer discretion).

To submit your decklist and sideboard, please export them from Eternal and paste them, separately, into the submission fields. You can export your list from Eternal by going into the deck edit screen, then clicking the button below the deck name to go into the detailed view of the deck:

detailed view button.png

Once you’re in that view, click the export button in the top left portion of the screen. This will put the deck into your clipboard.

As such, we recommend building 2 versions of your deck – the 75 card main deck that you will be using in the first game of all series and the 15 card sideboard to export. Optionally, you can also build a 90 card version to use for sideboarding, which is how most players sideboard.

Broadcast Settings:

We produce an official broadcast of weekly ETS events at – to do this, we use Steam Broadcasting to get the video feed from both players in a game to display the board and hand of both players.

Steam Broadcasting requires you to be playing Eternal on a Windows PC and requires your Steam account to be a non-limited account (eg., you have purchased a game on Steam – more details here).

You may be asked to stream your match for our broadcasted feature match. If you cannot stream or are not comfortable streaming, we may ask your opponent to stream instead.

The official ETS stream will have a 5 minute delay.