On the official Eternal Discord server, some players are distinguished not just by their play, but also by their color – purple! They are the Champions, and have earned their badge by winning a major tournament. Below is the list of all the champions, sorted by the order in which they earned them.

2016 Champions

Zureyia – Both a Discord Admin and a Reddit moderator, Zureyia earned his champion badge by winning the May Season of Scion’s League.

Peppr – Discord Moderator. Earned his badge by winning the June Season of Scion’s League in the first ever broadcast Eternal tournament.

CovertKiller – Won the July Season of Scion’s League.

aReNGee – Won two Scion’s League Pauper tournaments.

Sir Rhino – Streamer, Feln Control lover, Draft Specialist. Won the August season of Scion’s League.

Chapper56 – AKA Chapman. NumotGaming writer and streamer. Won the September season of Scion’s League.

Toth201 – Won the ETS November Invitational!

Smoonay – Won the Eye of Winter Classic without losing a match.

2017 Champions

iReedMinds – Season Two Invitational Champion

AyyLmao, Naugaurd, TheFunWizard – Team Champions. Made up team NeverHide, which won the Pillars of Amar Team Tournament.