Eternal Tournament Series

Welcome to the home of the Eternal Tournament Series (ETS)! Debuting in 2016, we are a community organized and run tournament series for the Eternal Card Game. We run free, open-registration events regularly on Saturday.

Register for the first weekly of 2018 which is also the first weekly of Set 3 here!

If this will be your first ETS, please review the Rules and our guides on How to Register and what to expect On The Day of the Event.

Already familiar with the ETS? Check out the updates for 2018..

Please check the Tournament Schedule to find out which weekends the ETS is running events.

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  1. Open Tournaments
    1. Weekly Tournaments
    2. Last Chance Qualifiers
    3. Single Elimination
  2. The Seasonal System
  3. Invitational Points
  4. Series Points
  5. Rookies
  6. Premiere Tournaments
    1. Season Invitational
    2. Worlds Wildcard
    3. World Championships

Open Tournaments

Anyone who wishes may freely enter an open tournament. There are two different kinds of open tournaments: Standard ETS Weekly tournaments and Last Chance Qualifiers. Eight Weekly tournaments are run every season on Saturdays, followed by a Last Chance Qualifier on the eighth week’s Sunday.

Weekly Tournaments

Weekly tournaments open to anyone who wishes to attend, regardless of collection size, experience, or renown. The tournaments cost nothing to enter and only require the time commitment to play. While they do not provide cash prizes, they do grant points that lead to invitations to our invite-only premiere tournaments, which have cash prizes.

Detailed Rules

  • ETS Weekly Tournaments are Swiss System tournaments. After a certain number of Swiss rounds, the regular tournament will end and the top players will move on to play in a single elimination tournament to decide the Tournament Winner and Finalist. The number of rounds and the size of the secondary tournament is subject to change based on the number of registered players.
    • 17 to 32 players: Five rounds of Swiss, Top 8 playoff
    • 33 to 64 players: Six rounds of Swiss, Top 8 playoff
    • 65 to 128 players: Seven rounds of Swiss, Top 8 playoff
    • 129 to 226 players: Eight rounds of Swiss, Top 8 playoff
    • More than 226 players: Additional rounds of Swiss, as necessary. Top 8 playoff.
  • Registration closes two hours before the event begins.
  • Check-in: Players who have registered for the event must check-in on the Battlefy tournament page prior to the event commencing. Check in closes at NOON EST.
  • Seeding: Players are seeded randomly in weekly tournaments.
  • Tiebreakers to determine which players make the secondary single elimination tournament will be determined by Match Wins > Opponent Match Win Percentage. The Top 8 will be announced by a Tournament Organizer after the Swiss portion of the event has ended. If more tiebreakers are required, the Tournament Organizer will determined the method to be used.
  • Points: Weekly tournaments award both Invitational Points and Series Points. Descriptions on how to earn these points can be found in the appropriate section.
  • If a bye should occur, the round will count as a match win for the player with the bye and they will be awarded an Invitational Point.
  • Rules: More detailed rules for all events can be found here.

Last Chance Qualifier Rules Modifications

The Last Chance Qualifier is held after the last Weekly event of a season but before the Season Invitational to allow players to qualify for the Invitational. Besides these changes, the Last Chance Qualifier follows the same rules and structure as a Weekly Tournament.

  • The Top 4 players of a Last Chance Qualifier are invited to play in that Season’s Invitational tournament.
  • Last Chance Qualifiers do not award Invitational Points or Series Points.
  • Much like the Weekly tournaments, the Last Chance Qualifier is an Open Registration tournament that allows interested players to freely register. However, players that have already qualified for the Season Invitational are barred from participating.

Single Elimination Rules Modifications (Top 8)

  • Players that qualify for the single elimination portion of the event will begin a separate seeded single elimination playoff immediately after the main tournament completes
  • Players will play matches according to the normal tournament rules. In Top 8, however, matches become Best of 5.
  • Rounds will start and end as players begin and finish their games. There is no time limit for rounds in single elimination.

The Seasonal System

Eternal Tournament Series tournaments currently operate on a four-season-per-year system. Seasons are 10 weeks long, beginning with the first weekly tournament and endingwith the Invitational. Invitational Points are earned for the duration of the season, but at the beginning of the next season reset and you must again begin earning Invitational Points. Exact season start and end dates can be found on the Tournament Calendar.  A full schedule of events can be found on the Tournament Calendar.


Invitational Points

Invitational Points are a representation of how many tournament matches a player has won in the course of a given Season. They are earned by winning matches in Weekly events. The primary purpose of Invitational Points is to qualify players for Season Invitationals, which are described below.

A more detailed explanation of Invitational Points and how to earn them can be found here.

Series Points

Series Points are a measure of a player’s tournament success throughout the year, and are earned via high placements in events. The primary purpose of Series Points is to qualify players for the World Championships, which are described below.

A more detailed explanation of Series Points and how to earn them can be found here.

Who are Rookies?

A Rookie is a player who has played in three or fewer ETS tournaments prior to the current season. This does not take into account tournaments played during the current season – Rookie status doesn’t “fall off” if you play in too many tournaments during a season. For example, a player could have played in three unrelated ETS tournaments in the last year, then enter their first 2018 tournament in Season Two. They would be considered a Rookie in Season Two, regardless of whether they played in only one tournament that season or all eight. However, they would NOT be considered a Rookie for any and all subsequent Seasons. Conversely, if a player had played in only one prior ETS tournament, then played two tournaments in 2018 Season One, they would be considered a Rookie for Season One. They would ALSO be considered a rookie the next season that they entered, as they will have played in only 3 total events. All ETS branded events are considered for this purpose – Last Chance Qualifiers and Invitationals count, while ETS Team League is considered a separate, team series, and does not count for Rookie status.

Premiere Tournaments

Season Invitational

Thirty-Two (32) players will be invited to a Season Invitational, and they will be invited from the following sources:

  • Eight (8) Weekly Winners
  • Four (4) Rookies with the highest IP totals among rookies
  • Sixteen (16) players with the highest IP totals who have not already qualified
  • Four (4) Last Chance Qualifiers

Invitational Tournaments take place over 2 days and have large cash prizes. They are free to enter, but you must be invited to enter them. For more information about Seasonal Invitationals, check out the Invitational Tournament Rules page.

World Championship

More information about the exact details of Worlds will be available closer to the event, planned to be run near the end of 2018. However, it is likely to be a sixteen person tournament inviting from the following sources:

  • The four (4) Invitational Champions
  • The ten (10) players with the highest SP totals (who have not already qualified)
  • Two (2) players from the Worlds Wildcard (Wildcard details TBD)