Season One Series Point Explanation

Series Points are a measure of a player’s tournament success throughout the year. Unlike Invitational Points, Series Points are earned for the duration of the year and do not reset Season to Season. Series Points are awarded ONLY for high placements at a weekly tournament or major event. They do not factor in things like match wins or win percentage, rather they are awarded simply based on final results. Series Points are publicly tracked on the ETS Worldwide Rankings.

Earning Series Points

ETS Weeklies

Winner: 3 Series Points
Finalist: 2 Series Points
3rd/4th: 1 Series Point

Weekly events have grown in size immensely since the start of the ETS, and winning one is no easy task. Players who do manage to win one of these events earn themselves an automatic spot in that season’s Invitational, as well as 3 series points. The runner up earns an Invitational invite, as well as 2 series points. However, restricting the Series Point gains merely to Top 2 could easily lead to a top heavy system – those that earn series points go to the Invitationals to earn more points, and so on. Players who come in 3rd/4th place in a weekly are also awarded 1 Series Point to commemorate their achievement. 7 series points will be available to be won at every weekly, which should help encourage even players who have already earned an invite to that season’s Invitational to come out and play.

Season Invitational

1st: 12 Series Points
2nd: 9 Series Points
3rd: 7 Series Points
4th: 5 Series Points
5/6th: 4 Series Points
7/8th: 3 Series Points
9-12th: 1 Series Point

Invitationals are competitive tournaments filled with skilled players piloting solid decks. Simply making the Top 8 of one is considered an achievement on par with winning a Weekly event. Players who go deeper in the tournament are awarded more series points, culminating in the huge 12 points awarded to the eventual winner. Invitational Winners receive automatic invitations to Series-Point-seeded events, so the points are mostly there to indicate their landmark achievement.

***Due to the small size of the Season One/November Invitational, the Series Point values have been reduced and restricted to top 4.

Midseason Major

1st: 16 Series Points
2nd: 12 Series Points
3rd/4th: 8 Series Points
5-8th: 4 Series Points

The Midseason Major is the first tournament to invite Players based on Series Points, and it also awards series points. As the tournament is planned to cut to single elimination Top 8 after a round robin, it awards points only to all top 8 players.

ETS World Championship

1st: 20 Series Points
2nd: 16 Series Points
3rd: 13 Series Points
4th: 10 Series Points
5th/6th: 8 Series Points

7th/8th: 6 Series Points

The ETS World Championships is the final ETS tournament of the year, and the only other tournament to invite players based on Series Points. As it is the final tournament of the year, Series Points awarded merely indicate tournament success. In addition to crowning our 2017 World Champion, the player with the most Series Points after the World Championship will be crowned the 2017 Player of the Year. (It is entirely possible for the World Champion and the Player of the Year to be the same player. However it is also possible for another player to have more OVERALL tournament success than the World Champion, and so become the Player of the Year.)

What are Series Points used for?

The player with the highest Series Point total at the end of the year (after the World Championships) will become the 2017 Player of the Year. Series Points are also used to qualify and seed in major events.

ETS Midseason Major: 16 player tournament. The top twelve (12) Series Points earners are invited, in addition to the Season One, Two and Three Invitational Champions. A sixteenth player qualifies by winning the open registration Midseason Major LCQ the week before.

ETS World Championship: 16 player tournament. The six Seasonal Invitational Champions are invited, as is the Midseason Major Champion. Eight (8) of the remaining 9 spots go to players with the highest Series Points totals that have not already qualified. The remaining invitation goes to the winner of the Worlds Wildcard Tournament.

Worlds Wildcard: 16 player tournament. The top 16 Series Points earners who did not qualify for the World Championships are invited to battle it out for the final spot. This tournament invites players AFTER the Series Points invites for worlds have already been determined, so in essence take the 9th through 24th highest Series Point totals (that have not already qualified).