Draft Pick Order

Last Updated: November 10th, 2016

Now includes Legendary Cards!

Always pick legendary cards over everything else if you don’t already have four of them.

Pick Order Rating Scale
S Tier – Game winning bomb rares.
A Tier – The strongest non-bombs go here. Some are archetype defining, some are just plain powerful. Premium removal spells end up here.
B Tier – Solid role players or situational powerful cards. Not an exciting first pick, but you’re not unhappy to have them. Some have powerful synergies.
C Tier – Weaker or more situational cards go here, as well as general filler. You don’t go out of your way to pick them up, but they fill out your curve.
D Tier – Weak filler cards end up here. You generally don’t want these in your deck, but you’ll play them in a pinch.
F Tier – Draft chaff. They generally range from very bad to completely unplayable. Avoid playing these cards.

Official Draft Pick Order

S Tier

Rolant’s Honor Guard, Harsh Rule, Sandstorm Titan, Knight-Chancellor Siraf, Ijin Imperial Armorer, Worldpyre Phoenix, Xenan Obelisk, Silverwing Commander, Statuary Maiden, Predatory Carnosaur, Cirso the Great Glutton, Paladin Oathbook, Eye of Winter, Infernal Tyrant, Marisen the Eldest, Rimescale Draconus

A Tier

Twinbrood Sauropod, Fourth-Tree Elder, Annihilate, Pillar of Amar, Deathstrike, Steelbound Dragon, Feeding Time, Steelfang Chakram, Mystic Ascendant, Copper Conduit, Vanquish, Scorpion Wasp, Permafrost, Lightning Storm, Crystallize, Talir Who Sees Beyond, Marisen’s Disciple, Black-Sky Harbinger, Gilded Glaive, Obliterate, Umbren Reaper, Suffocate, Auric Runehammer, Smuggler’s Stash, Squad Strategist, Accelerated Evolution, Soulfire Drake, General Izalio

Flame Blast, Torch, Execute, Outlands Sniper, Rebel Illuminator, Ice Sprite, Vodakhan’s Staff, Sapphire Dragon, Thunderstrike Dragon, Staff of Stories, Mistveil Drake, Pyroknight, Striking Snake Formation, Hammer of Might, Desert Marshal, Stormcaller, Copperhall Elite, Magus of the Mist, Ancient Terrazon, Valkyrie Enforcer, Plague, Stand Together, Vara Fate-Touched, Deranged Dinomancer, Sword of the Sky King, Rolant the Iron Fist, Amber Monument, Explorer Emeritus, Silverwing Familiar, Hunting Pteriax, Reliquary Raider, Icaria the Liberator, Lethrai Falcion, The Great Parliament, Venomspine Hydra, Impending Doom, Ashara the Deadshot, Karmic Guardian, Lightning Strike, Steward of the Past, Marshal Ironthorn, Argenport Ringmaster, Warband Chieftan, Midnight Gale, Touch of the Umbren, Awakened Student, Rakano Outlaw, Deepforged Plate, Scraptank, Shogun’s Scepter

Augmented Form, Ageless Mentor, Vodakhan Temple Speaker, Whip Chain, Hatchery Hunter, Slagmite Swarm, Frontline Cyclops, Snowcrush Animist, Reality Warden, Oni Ronin, False Prince, Silverwing Avenger, Stonescar Maul, Elder’s Feather, Furnace Mage, Charchain Flail, Withering Witch

B Tier

Pteriax Hatchling, Bladekin Aprentice, Rebel Sharpshooter, Cobalt Monument, Piercing Shot, Blind Storyteller, Plated Demolisher, Praxis Displacer, Towering Terrazon, Avalanche Stalker, Lumen Shepherd, Crownwatch Cavalry, Gorgon Fanatic, Bandit Queen, Soul Collector, Auric Sentry, Elysian Trailblazer, Oni Quartermaster, Crownwatch Deserter, Recurring Nightmare, Assembly Line, Champion of Cunning, Amethyst Monument

Horsesnatcher Bat, Order of the Spire, Lumen Defender, Jarall Iceheart, Whispering Wind, Shogun of the Wastes, Dawnwalker, Call the Ancients, Polymorph, Jotun Hurler, Navani Warsinger, Morningstar, Curiox the Collector, Brightmace Paladin, Runic Revolver, Shimmerpack, Direwood Beastcaller, Oblivion Spike, Stonescar Magus, Starsteel Daisho, Ceremonial Mask, Harbinger’s Bite, Obsidian Golem, Ornate Katana, Granite Acolyte, Cobalt Acolyte, Amethyst Acolyet, Haunting Scream, Dark Return, Ravenous Thornbeast, Serpent Trainer, Beastcaller’s Amulet, Scepter of Nobility, Champion of Chaos

Cloudsnake Harrier, Minotaur Grunt, Gorgon Swiftblade, Lethrai Ranger, Crystalline Chalice, Whispers of the Void, Feln Bloodcaster, Twilight Raptor, Crownwatch Paladin, Sword of Icaria, Combrei Healer, Amber Acolyte, Argenport Instigator, Storm Lynx, Wisdom of the Elders, Xenan Guardian, Clockroach, Bold Adventurer, Grenadin Drone, Seek Power, Field Captain, Push Onward, Nightmaw, Sight Unseen, Desperado, Cabal Recruiter, Brazen Daredevil, Bloodrite Kalis, Longhorn Sergeant, Soaring Stranger, Steward of Prophecy

C Tier

Valkyrie Wings, Righteous Fury, Crown of Possibilities, Ancient Lore, Elysian Pathfinder, Channel the Tempest, Claw of the First Dragon, Lurking Sanguar, Emerald Monument, Granite Monument, Rise to the Challenge, Psionic Savant, Secret Pages, Violent Gust, Teleport, Eilyn Queen of the Wilds, Skycrag Wyvarch, Champion of Glory, Champion of Wisdom, Ferocious Stranger, Syncyronized Strike, Finest Hour, Static Bolt, Unlock Potential, Stalwart Shield, Trickster’s Cloak, Tinker Overseer, Jarrall’s Frostkin, Lethrai Nightblade, Skysnapper, Crowd Favourite, Enlightened Stranger, Xenan Destroyer, Magma Javelin, Combrei Stranger, Elysian Stranger, Feln Stranger, Rakano Stranger, Stonescar Stranger, Temper, Ruthless Stranger

Kaleb, Uncrowned Prince, West-Wind Herald, Stronghold’s Visage, Champion of Progress, Rapid Shot, Towertop Patrol, Direfang Spider, Determined Stranger, Dispel, Mithril Mace, Argenport Soldier, Renegade Valkyrie, Yeti Snowslinger, Protect, Windshaper, East-Wind Herald, Hero of the People, Censari Brigand, Back-Alley Bouncer, Rampage, Levitate, Combust, Rakano Artisan, Centaur Raidleader, Sandform, Battleblur Centaur, Auric Bailiff, Lifedrinker, Spire Chaplain, Guerrilla Fighter, Ornamental Daggers

Gemini Ritual, Unexpected Arrival, Prosecutor-at-Arms, Blood Beetle, Predator’s Instinct, District Infantry, Fortunate Stranger, Crownwatch Longsword, Shadowlands Guide, Devour, Warhelm, Madness, Dark Wisp, Slumbering Stone, Backlash, Blackguard Sidearm, Clever Stranger, Knifejack, Minotaur Ambassador, Sauropod Wranger, Tundra Explorer, Grim Stranger, Swift Stranger

D Tier

Carnosaur Behemoth, Burn Out, Celestial Omen, Initiate of the Sands, Alchemical Blast, Recogulator, Friendly Wisp, Voice of the Speaker, Aerial Ace, Idol of Destran, Flash Freeze, Valorous Stranger, Rebuke, Decay, Scourge of Frosthome, Grasping at Shadows, Stonescar Leviathan, Merciless Stranger, Infernus, Lavablood Goliath, Vorprex the Great Ruin, Rally

North-Wind Herald, Cloud of Ash, Inspire, Hall of Lost Kings, Eager Owlet, Dusthoof Brawler, Veteran Mercenary, Tinker Apprentice, Dimensional Rift, Pyre Adept, Herald’s Song, Flight Lieutenant, Scaly Gruan, Direwood Rampager, Icebreaker, Jotun Warrior, Combrei Magister, Sparring Partner, Cabal Cutthroat, Wild Cloudsnake, Venomfang Dagger, Loyal Watchwing, Yeti Spy, Ephemeral Wisp, Dune Phantom, Hooru Envoy, Mirror Image, Infinite Hourglass, Scavenging Vulture, Privilege of Rank, Spirit Drain, Treachery, Sabotage, Brimstone Altar, Valkyrie Aspirant, Fearless Nomad, Healer’s Cloak, Centaur Outrider, Ticking Grenadin, Frontier Jito

Civic Peacekeeper, Daze, Sand Warrior, Heavy Axe, The Last Word, Calderan Channeler, Araktodon, Tireless Stranger, Torrent of Spiders, Azindel’s Gift, Copperhall Recruit, Cloudsnake Saddle, Subvert, Second Sight, Hair-Trigger Stranger, Ruin, Pilfer, Spell Swipe, Safe Return, Amaran Camel, Pit Fighter, Emerald Acolyte, Nomad Healer, Armorsmith, Cabal Mastermind

F Tier

A New Tomorrow, Accelerate, Black Iron Manacles, Blazing Renegade, Blinding Burst, Bronze Cuirass, Cocoon, Coup de Grace, Detain, Divining Rod, Excavate, Forcefield, Ghostform, Greed’s Reward, Hellfire Rifle, Light the Fuse, New Stranger, Overdrive, Passage of Ages, Rain of Frogs, Rakano Flagbearer, Reinforce, Retribution, Sanctuary Priest, Seer’s Companion, Shamanic Trance, Slow, Song of War, Spiked Helm, Sporefolk, Subtle Stranger, The Witching Hour, Treasury Gate, Unstable Form, Worn Shield