Draft Pick Order

This page is horribly outdated, and is only preseverd for Historical Reasons. Check out the NEW draft pick order!

Below is a pick order for Eternal drafting that is designed to help you decide which card to choose based on the objective power of the cards. At this time, Legendaries are not included in the draft pick order, and you should always pick them to flesh out your collection. Last Updated: August 2nd, 2016

Pick Order Rating Scale
S Tier – Fantastic cards, usually game winning bombs and top tier removal spells. Pick these over everything else.
A Tier – The strongest non-bombs go here. They usually make excellent first picks and you want as many as possible in your deck.
B Tier – Solid role players or situational powerful cards. These should make up the bulk of your draft deck. Not an exciting first pick, but serviceable.
C Tier – Weaker or more situational cards go here. You don’t generally want to pick them, but there are decks or combos that make them better than usual. General filler cards also go here.
D Tier – Weak filler cards end up here. You generally don’t want any of these in your deck, but you’ll play them in a pinch.
F Tier – Draft chaff. They generally range from very bad to completely unplayable. Avoid playing these cards.

Official Draft Pick Order

S Tier
Annihilate, Torch, Flame Blast, Paladin Oathbook, Gilded Glaive, Deathstrike, Xenan Obelisk, Copper Conduit

A Tier
A+ – Impending Doom, Predatory Carnosaur, Rolant’s Honor Guard, Permafrost, Oni Ronin, Vodakhan’s Staff, Umbren Reaper, Scorpion Wasp, Karmic Guardian, Valkyrie Enforcer, Auric Runehammer, Silverwing Commander, Thunderstrike Dragon
A – Ice Sprite, Sword of Icaria, Feeding Time, Twinbrood Sauropod, Bandit Queen, Crystallize, Harsh Rule, Awakened Student, Suffocate, Vanquish, Fourth-Tree Elder, Shogun’s Scepter, Steelfang Chakram, Hunting Pteriax, Ancient Terrazon, Elder’s Feather, Desert Marshal, Auric Sentry, Sapphire Dragon, Pyroknight, Order of the Spire, Steward of the Past, Slagmite Swarm, Squad Strategist, Worldpyre Phoenix, Accelerated Evolution, Lightning Storm, Rakano Outlaw, False Prince, Furnace Mage, Eye of Winter, Deranged Dinomancer, Marisen’s Disciple, Ashara, the Deadshot, Obliterate
A- – Crownwatch Paladin, Champion of Chaos, Copperhall Elite, Hammer of Might, Reliquary Raider, Mistveil Drake, Steelbound Dragon, Brightmace Paladin, Lightning Strike, Serpent Trainer, Polymorph, Rebel Illuminator, Lethrai Falchion, Hatchery Hunter, Execute, Crownwatch Cavalry, Outlands Sniper, Lumen Defender, Champion of Glory, Dawnwalker, Recurring Nightmare, Striking Snake Formation, General Izalio, Silverwing Familiar, Praxis Displacer, Whispering Wind, Direwood Beastcaller, Stand Together

B Tier
B+ – Rebel Sharpshooter, Amber Acolyte, Lethrai Ranger, Combust, Piercing Shot, Silverwing Avenger, Shogun of the Wastes, Argenport Ringmaster, Augmented Form, Stonescar Magus, Pteriax Hatchling, Gorgon Fanatic, Avalanche Stalker, Pillar of Amar, Amber Monument, Argenport Instigator, Tinker Overseer, Crystalline Chalice, Steward of Prophecy, Staff of Stories, Withering Witch, Ornate Katana, Gorgon Swiftblade, Cobalt Monument, Emerald Monument, Shadowlands Guide, Explorer Emeritus, Burn Out, Predator’s Instinct, Finest Hour, Obsidian Golem, Twilight Raptor, Combrei Healer, Hero of the People, Plague, Cloudsnake Harrier, Stormcaller, Warband Chieftain, Charchain Flail
B – Xenan Guardian, Jarrall’s Frostkin, Bladekin Apprentice, Ageless Mentor, Jotun Hurler, Horsesnatcher Bat, Feln Bloodcaster, Champion of Cunning, West-Wind Herald, Touch of the Umbren, Teleport, Minotaur Grunt, Static Bolt, Wisdom of the Elders, Dark Return, Blind Storyteller, Elysian Pathfinder, Stonescar Maul, Rakano Artisan, Spire Chaplain, Enlightened Stranger, Initiate of the Sands, Crownwatch Deserter, Storm Lynx, Desperado, Soul Collector, Clockroach, Ruthless Stranger, Rapid Shot, Ravenous Thornbeast, Renegade Valkyrie, Secret Pages, Lethrai Nightblade, Oni Quartermaster, Elysian Trailblazer, Soaring Stranger, Censari Brigand, Longhorn Sergeant
B- – Granite Acolyte, Towering Terrazon, Harbinger’s Bite, Madness, Beastcaller’s Amulet, Psionic Savant, Whip Chain, Swift Stranger, Righteous Fury, Cobalt Acolyte, Slumbering Stone, Veteran Mercenary, Cabal Recruiter, Centaur Raidleader, Field Captain, Lurking Sanguar, Smuggler’s Stash, Champion of Wisdom, Channel the Tempest, Bold Adventurer, Determined Stranger, Dark Wisp, Voice of the Speaker, Assembly Line, Windshaper, Ceremonial Mask, Amethyst Monument, Oblivion Spike, Towertop Patrol, Argenport Soldier, East-Wind Herald, Lifedrinker, Push Onward, Grim Stranger

C Tier
C+ – Magma Javelin, Skysnapper, Prosecutor-at-Arms, Crowd Favourite, Sandform, Guerrilla Fighter, Inspire, Blood Beetle, Xenan Destroyer, Healer’s Cloak, Runic Revolver, Lumen Shepherd, Brazen Daredevil, Rise to the Challenge, Champion of Progress, Recogulator, Unlock Potential, District Infantry, Levitate, Devour, Direfang Spider, Grenadin Drone, Haunting Scream, Wild Cloudsnake, Battleblur Centaur, Combrei Magister, Mirror Image, Stronghold’s Visage, Ferocious Stranger, Sauropod Wrangler, Loyal Watchwing, Flash Freeze, All Banners, Fearless Nomad, Knifejack, Friendly Wisp, Cabal Cutthroat, Grasping at Shadows, Morningstar
C – Mithril Mace, Yeti Snowslinger, Scavenging Vulture, Rakano Stranger, Stonescar Stranger, Combrei Stranger, Elysian Stranger, Feln Stranger, Clever Stranger, Tundra Explorer, Auric Bailiff, Merciless Stranger, Minotaur Ambassador, Valkyrie Wings, Stalwart Shield, Warhelm, Pit Fighter, Ephemeral Wisp, Hooru Envoy, Crownwatch Longsword, Valorous Stranger, Ancient Lore, Frontline Cyclops, Granite Monument, Fortunate Stranger, Heavy Axe, Rampage, Aerial Ace, Alchemical Blast, Sabotage, Diplomatic Seal
C- – Pyre Adept, Amaran Camel,North-Wind Herald, Flight Lieutenant, Frontier Jito, Dispel, Violent Gust, Safe Return, Trickster’s Cloak, Treachery, Icebreaker, Torrent of Spiders, Calderan Channeler, Temper, Carnosaur Behemoth, Ornamental Daggers, Synchronized Strike, Protect, Rebuke, Jotun Warrior, Blackguard Sidearm, Armorsmith, Blinding Burst, Sparring Partner, Celestial Omen, , Scaly Gruan, Dune Phantom, Eager Owlet, Privilege of Rank, Hall of Lost Kings, Seek Power

D Tier
D+ – Rally, Ticking Grenadin, Valkyrie Aspirant, Copperhall Recruit, Back-Alley Bouncer, Forcefield, Tireless Stranger, Tinker Apprentice, Civic Peacekeeper, Dusthoof Brawler, Second Sight, Hair-Trigger Stranger, Spirit Drain, Sand Warrior, Skycrag Wyvarch, Blazing Renegade, Backlash, Cloudsnake Saddle, Araktodon, Herald’s Song, Amethyst Acolyte, Unstable Form, Centaur Outrider, Emerald Acolyte, Direwood Rampager, Ghostform, Brimstone Altar, Black Iron Manacles, Spell Swipe
D – Hellfire Rifle, Venomfang Dagger, Infinite Hourglass, Rakano Flagbearer, New Stranger, Yeti Spy, Crown of Possibilities, Divining Rod, Nomad Healer, Seer’s Companion, Detain, Azindel’s Gift, Decay, Spiked Helm, Sporefolk, Subtle Stranger, Infernus, Ruin, Cloud of Ash, Subvert, Daze, Overdrive, Treasury Gate
D- – Song of War, Greed’s Reward, Bronze Cuirass, Excavate, Passage of Ages

F Tier
Reinforce, Sanctuary Priest, Worn Shield, Slow, Rain of Frogs, Accelerate, Water of Life, Pilfer, Cocoon, Shamanic Trance