2018 ETS World Championships – Player Interviews

Prior to the event, we sat down with thirteen Worlds players to have them answer a few questions going into the event. These are their responses.

Congratulations on making Worlds! How are you feeling going into the event?

Almost – Excited, and nervous. I’m happy to have made it, but the competition for worlds will be tough.
BruisedByGod – Not too excited about eternal right now but I am excited to be playing in this event.
Camat0 – Clueless for sure, still dont know what to play.
Child Roland – Excited, but I have a lot to prove as the only returning Worlds player that didn’t top 8 last year.
Erik – A bit nervous, mostly excited!
Kangbreath – Tired because it’s finals week (at school, not just the ETS). Disappointed because the format involves single elimination matchup lottery. Excited to get a neat hoodie even if I lose.
lv13david – I am feeling very uncertain about the meta and how to attack it but I usually get my best results by playing something straightforward and powerful. So I’m going with my gut.
Magikarp – Really excited. I got into competitive Eternal with the intentions of winning ETS Worlds. I only have to get lucky in one more tournament!
Paradox – A couple things, but definitely confident and a little nervous. Confident because I feel like I’m one of the best players here, but nervous because you just always feel a little nervous in big tournaments like this.
ThePlatypusKing – Confident. Relaxed. Tired. Ready for it to be over.
TinMan – I feel like I’m free-rolling, I only did well in season 2, didn’t play season 3, and only put up one top 8 each in season 1 and 4. So I’m just looking to have fun, play a reasonable deck, and see where I end up, not stressed, not overly confident, just feeling good.
Tobboo – Goal is to do better then last Worlds! I think its a reasonable goal
TonyGeeeee – I’m not extremely confident in my ability to take it all, but I’m excited to be part of the most competitive tournament of the year!

Which Worlds player are you most hoping to avoid facing, and why?

Almost – I’m hoping to not face Tony G since we keep getting matched up against each other and the matches always feel very difficult.
BruisedByGod – Erik9099 since he loves hard control no matter how viable it is or isn’t
Camat0 – Almost, im sure he will play some one or two offs that he will draw in the perfect moment to make me tilt.
Child Roland – Hoping to avoid TonyGeeeee, he’s very good and I don’t have a great record vs him in high stakes matches.
Erik – I’m a bit scared of facing TonyGee and camat0, as I think they’re both spectacular players.
lv13david – Honestly, I’m not here to dodge anyone, but childroland is ALWAYS a tough out for me.
Magikarp – I hope that I play Platy in the finals and not until then. We both come from Oregon Magic the Gathering. He’s a very respected player in both communities and it would mean the world to me to be the reason he LOST in the finals.
Paradox – I hope to avoid my teammates. Team kills just aren’t too fun when the stakes are this high. Getting to go against one in the finals would be awesome though, even if I lost.
ThePlatypusKing – Mouche. I’ve only ever beat them once in a tournament setting that I can recall. It doesn’t matter what deck I play, Mouche always seems to be playing it’s worst matchup. πŸ˜›
TinMan – Almost. The types of decks that Almost plays are very difficult to play against. For example, vs Haunted Highway, you have to choose to play around Scream, or Madness/Combust, or just another unit on the ground. The worst part, is they often have all three and you were in trouble regardless.
Tobboo – I just hope I dont have to beat my ET teammates.
TonyGeeeee – My teammates because it always feels bad winning vs them. Aside from that, everyone deserves to be here, so no match will be easy (except vs secondblue, that guy is pure trash)

Excluding yourself, which other Worlds player do you think is most likely to win and why?

Almost – Mouche has had a very impressive year and I think that they have a decent chance to take the whole thing.
BruisedByGod – SooNo since he is overdue for a win at a major event
Camat0 – My bet is for magikarp, i think he will play praxis tokens and beat everyone with it.
Child Roland – Once again, TonyGeeeee. He just won the Invitational, he’s a great player and I think he’s well prepared for Worlds.
Erik – I’m not sure between TonyGee and camat0, but I’d bet on one of those two. As I said above, I think they’re both extremely good players.
Kangbreath – All my fellow players are highly skilled; I believe it’s anyone’s game.
lv13david – Unstoppable Force (Almost) vs. Immovable Object (Mouche). Take your pick.
Magikarp – Secondblue. I stated this in my preview but I feel like they are on another level when it comes to playing to outs and sequencing. SUCH a good player. Very kind person as well. If Platy or I don’t win this, I’ll be rooting for them from Twitch chat.
Paradox – SooNo. I think he’s ready for a win and is quietly one of the better players in this game.
ThePlatypusKing – camat0 for kayfabe reasons. Back to back. 2x.
TinMan – TonyGeeee or Almost, both have been on fire in recent events and have lots of momentum on their side.
Tobboo – Mouche is on a tear this year.
TonyGeeeee – Aside from anyone on my team, my money is on Tobboo. He’s a better pilot than Camat0 and will probably play the same deck as Mouche. Also, predicting Mouche is boring because everybody else will do it.

Without tipping your hand too much, what can you tell us about the metagame you’re expecting to see this weekend?

Almost – I expect to see some Feln midrange, some Vara decks (cookbook or xenan), some Combrei Telut decks, and then a bunch of one-of decks.
BruisedByGod – Combrei, Feln, and Xenan
Camat0 – I really dont know this small tournaments tend to have really wierds metas, i imagine we will have like half the most popular decks and half complete new decks made just for this tournament, also there are a lot of players that are very unique.
Child Roland – I’m not expecting much aggro. Probably some Feln, but people might be scared of getting targeted, so not sure.
Erik – Feln.
Kangbreath – I expect eight people on less popular decks trying to counter FJS, four of which probably arrived at the same archetype; three people on FJS; two people on Haunted Highway; one person on West-Wind Herald combo; one person on Praxis Tokens; and the hardest deck for me to predict: the one I’m playing.
lv13david – It honestly feels like there are 3-4 different metagames depending on the event – ladder, ECQ, ETS, and ETS premiers. I WOULD expect to see a heavy reaction to the results of the Wildcard and the ECQ. BUT I have a feeling a large portion of the field will be looking to do what they do best. Staying comfortable is important.
Magikarp – I expect a lot of the players to show up with a deck that fits their style and they’re comfortable with. In a 16 person tournament with multiple teams submitting lists I expect a lot of people to just show up with what they’re comfortable with and what they’ve had past success with. A lot of Feln Mid, Haunted Highway, and Combrei
Paradox – I think we’ll see a lot of Justice, for good reason though: Justice’s faction identity is good cards, and most world’s players have figured this out.
ThePlatypusKing – I don’t think it has changed much recently.
TinMan – Mostly FJS Mid and Feln, but some people bringing Skycrag, Haunted Highway, and Praxis Tokens to keep people honest. I don’t think there will be much if any control decks.
Tobboo – Obviously decks that can deal with everything. I dont think players will go into Worlds with a “all or nothing” deck.
TonyGeeeee – Feln, Combrei, Rogue

Without tipping your hand (unless you want to), give us some hints as to your deck choice for this weekend!

Almost – I’m pretty likely to be playing either a combo deck or a scream deck, or maybe a combo deck that has Haunting Scream. I’m going to decide between a couple of possible lists at the last minute.
BruisedByGod – Definitely not what BBG played last week
Camat0 – I still don’t know, at this point i’m still trying stuff but i will try to play something proactive if i can.
Child Roland – Newish take on an established deck.
Erik – You’ll see.
Kangbreath – Whatever I realize I have all the cards for 2 hours before registration is due.
lv13david – This is subject to change, but I don’t expect to be playing anything wildly new or out of the ordinary. I rarely choose the same deck as my team so don’t try to read into it.
Magikarp – Everyone thinks I’m on tokens. We’ll see though. I have a different deck that I’m crushing ladder with but I’ll probably audible to tokens 12 minutes before the deck submission deadline.
Paradox – Though I’m still debating, there is a good chance there won’t be any Fire Sigils in the deck, which is not something I’m known for.
ThePlatypusKing – 4 Worldbearer Behemoth. 4 Darya, Warrior Poet. Hit em hard.
TinMan – Probably one of the meta decks I listed above, unless I convince myself Tinpile is still good between writing this and when decklists are submitted!
Tobboo – Something good.
TonyGeeeee – I got nightmaw in the market to break the mirror and combrei. Besides that, it’s a pretty stock feln list

Tell us a bit about your favorite Eternal deck (any era) and favorite card (any state of nerf).

Almost – I was a big fan of the original-vara combo deck that used Means to an End as a finisher. It did very explosive things and even if the combo didn’t win on the spot you could rebuild later.
BruisedByGod – My favorite deck of all time is a close tie between Big Xenan and Hooru Nostrix (the real version before the protect nerf). My favorite card would be a tie between Nostrix and Mystic Ascendant.
Camat0 – I think the decks i enjoyed the most are the decks that are broken for one tournament like the first time i played argenport midrange the week tavrod was released i think i won that tournament 9-0, people was not ready for it, and was one of the easiest touraments i ever won, that was not the only time i broke a metagame but was the first, so it holds an special place in my heart.
Child Roland – Set 1 Stonescar aggro. 1 cost Rapid Shot.
Erik – Favorite deck was chalice (when it was good), favorite card is harsh rule.
Kangbreath – Favorite Deck: I sat for a good while and couldn’t come up with an answer to this. I enjoy or appreciate nearly every deck in Eternal but none of them really stand out as a clear favorite. Maybe Burn Queen, it’s intense, it’s high skill, and it’s consistent. But I think my true favorite deck has yet to arrive. Favorite Card: Cloud of Ash. I like cards that are bad until they’re suddenly the best card you could have. Cards like that are hard to evaluate and balance your deck around, they test your skill and force you to make a decision. Cards that are always good are boring because you don’t need to think about them.”
lv13david – I absolutely love casting or reanimating Kaleb onto a board full of Grenadins. It’s like playing a slot machine without the “feels bad” aspect of Divining Rod or Answer the Call. As for my favorite card…Tranquil Scholar has the ability to do so many wonderful things without feeling broken (Caiphus is another story).
Magikarp – The deck that is near and dear to my heart is Praxis Midrange. It was the first deck I had tournament success with and I feel like it’s something that is always nice to have in your back pocket to prey on certain metagames. It’s not hard to play but sequencing is important and the rush of warping Heart of the Vaults is so satisfying. πŸ˜›
Paradox – Favorite Deck: Probably Burn Queen before Tavrod came into existence, but maybe after the Champion of Chaos nerf.
ThePlatypusKing – Traditional Armory. Treasury Gate.
TinMan – How can my favorite deck not not be Tinpile, my namesake JPS unitless control deck. In the time before Fall of Argenport, it was my pride and joy. Unfortunately, since Eternal is a zero sum game, the more fun I was having, the less fun my opponent’s were, so DWD swung the nerf bat at it, and also printed insane units that make unitless less appealing. Favorite card, in stark contrast, is actually Rally. Despite being know for control decks, my first love is hard hitting, proactive, A–Space + Rally, kind of decks. When I hit masters for the first time playing mono red Grenadin aggro, Rally was an MVP.”
Tobboo – Every since I won Worlds Wildcard last year, I’ve tried to make chalice great again – to no prevail =(
TonyGeeeee – Armory by far! Daisho is the most fun I’ve ever had in this game. If only DWD liked this archetype too…… πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

Stealing this one from MantidMan, but if you were an Eternal card what would you be? Feel free to design a card that fits you!

BruisedByGod – Mystic Ascendant.



childroland – I would like to think I’m Knucklebones, but I’m probably Cliffside Porter. Designing a card sounds like something I probably can’t do on mobile at work, sorry.

Erik9099 – Kothon. No specific reason, I just identify with the card. It was also the first legendary I crafted (for chalice).

Kangbreath – Quarry.







TinMan – Solitude. Not because I am lonely, or even a loner IRL, but I am not part of an Eternal team, and all my testing is done by myself on ladder and on stream. Also, it was the original win condition for Tinpile, so it has a special place in my heart.





Not Worlds related, but what currently spoiled Defiance card are you most excited for and why?

Almost – Secret Passage – It makes infiltrate cards very good and can also serve as a way to push damage in an otherwise stalled board. The activated unblockable is permanent, so you can scream or dark return an unblockable unit and it will be able to repeatedly hit the opponent.
BruisedByGod – Display of Knowledge
Camat0 – I think tokens, not because of the card itself but because they mean we will have a 3+F limited format, and i love limited formats in general and multi faction limited sets in particular.
Child Roland – Glad I read the Ampllfy article before filling this out, because now I can answer Clutch of Talons. I really want to slam that for 2 or 3 Dragons in draft.
Erik – The card Defiance, because it gives justice some much-needed quality removal. Also going to be great in all my greedy justice control decks.
Kangbreath – I think Cykalis is much stronger and has much less competition than people realize, and I believe it’ll finally spawn the Praxis and Elysian aggro decks I’ve been trying to make work since set 2.
lv13david – I am most excited for the Display cycle as a whole because of how pushed they seem to be. I hope they will offer some depth of gameplay we haven’t had before (the Intervention cycle missed the mark for the most part).
Magikarp – The 5/2 charge unit in Time. I think there’s probably a low to the ground shell for Praxis that doesn’t play Heart of the Vault and I’d like to explore it.
Paradox – Clutch of Talons or Display of Instinct. Both are very powerful and look fun to play with.
ThePlatypusKing – Phoenix Hammer. It’s a recursive relic weapon. *drool* It probably won’t end up Tier 1 but this is definitely a card that I want to try to brew around and the type of card that makes me feel special.
TinMan – Display of Instinct, I think this card will be a major reason why a FTP control deck becomes tier 1 in the next expansion.
Tobboo – The Display cycle
TonyGeeeee – The ”Display” cards are very interesting and they are all good in very different ways

Feel free to thank anyone and everyone you’d like to thank for helping you make it this far!

Almost – I’ll give a shoutout to my team, The Great Parliament. They’ve all been very friendly and getting other perspectives on deck ideas has been very helpful.
BruisedByGod – I would like to thank all of my teammates at SPG for all the testing and the good times on discord. I would like to thank SooNo in particular for helping me tune many of my decks.
Camat0 – My team for sure, Eternal Titans (inster shameless self promotion of our site jajaja), the eternal community in general, i really love this community, and i’m usually surprised of how nice they are (outside of reddit), and last all the RNG crew they are a big part of why i enjoy eternal
Child Roland – My teammates for helping me test and straight up giving me decks, since I’m a terrible constructed deckbuilder.
Erik – Thanks to Xenorath, who always works his butt off to organize these tournaments. Also thanks to all the rest of the production crew who work behind the scene!
Kangbreath – Thank you, traveler.

I’ll plug BassoonBuffoon and SolventSoup for being cool teammates who first got me into the ETS a year ago. You can hang out with us and give BB money here:

(Also somebody invite me to a team next season pls)”
lv13david – I’d like to thank my friend and teammate ManuS for having prior commitments so I didn’t have to face him in a tiebreaker match to qualify for the Wildcard tournament.
Magikarp – I’d like to thank Team Rankstar, Hammerheartsc.com, InkedGaming.com and my wonderful Fiance Keri for their support over the year. It’s been fun and at times stressful working, sometimes streaming, and also trying to compete and they’ve all been great working with me and supporting me. Additionally, Xenorath and everyone else that runs these tournaments. Having played in many of these this year, its CRAZY how much the RNG crew does that no one sees if you’re just watching the stream on Twitch. It’s really a thankless job and they’re awesome at providing us a great free competitive tournament series.
Paradox – There is a long list of people here. First, all my teammates for being both incredible players and friends. Secondly, all the other people in the Eternal community who make this game great. Third, you RNG and the rest of the production squad/casters for running these things. Last, my wife Shar for supporting me in gaming and putting up with all the Saturday mornings she hasn’t been able to sleep in for because I was playing in the ETS.
ThePlatypusKing – Team Rankstar, the Peasants of Platypus Island, the Community at Large and Dire Wolf Digital. Every one of you and more have showed me an insane amount of support during my 1 year stream challenge (24hr Stream to celebrate on Sat Dec 15!) and I’ve appreciated every moment of it — especially when I fractured my femur!
TinMan – I want to thank all my Twitch viewers and subscribers, you all are seriously the only reason I am playing Eternal. Specifically thanks to Bullettime, who is always there to coach me through playing Talir combo and other complex decks.
Tobboo – Shoutout to my team and the entire crew both infront of and behind the scenes.
TonyGeeeee – Thanks to everyone on SPG, you guys are the best! Also, shoutout to the competitive community and everyone who watches. PLZ PLAY WITH US NEXT SEASON :)))))))

Finally, pitch yourself to us. Why are YOU going to be our next World Champion?

Almost – I think I’ll be able to bring a deck that people aren’t prepared for, and so the matchups may favor me or people may not know how to play against me. I also think that my recent winrate will intimidate people.
BruisedByGod – I am the only one on Stonescar
Camat0 – Im not sure i will, but i will try, but the other players are really good, things where easy for me last time but people is so much better at the game now, and the other teams are very good too, but it will be cool to be the only world champ at least for some more time so maybe i will be lucky again.
Child Roland – Luck
Erik – I’m not afraid to attack the meta with off-meta brews, which gives me more flexibility than most people. I don’t feel limited to only playing the best 3-4 decks in the format, instead I’m constantly testing new combinations to try and break the meta. Oh yeah, I’m a pretty good player too πŸ™‚
Kangbreath – I’ve never crafted a card. That was enough to get camat0’s support.
lv13david – Because I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. Be ready for anything…
Magikarp – Despite all the Praxis memes, I truly feel like I’m one of the top players in the game and my preparation playing as well as trying to take care of myself mentally/physically has been a top priority for awhile. My preparation and mental game makes up for my most likely lower than average natural card game skill of the players that are playing in this tournament.
Paradox – I won an invitational this year. I have among the most ETS Top 8’s out of almost any player in this game. I’m known for my building, my tuning, and my piloting. Lastly, GHP is the captain of another team and even he thinks I’m going to win.
ThePlatypusKing – I am the Best in the Worldβ„’ at what I do and what I do is DOMINATE children’s card games!
TinMan – Let’s be real, I probably won’t win. No sane person should bet on me because I haven’t put in as much time recently or had as many strong finishes in the past few months. But I know I play extremely well, and I don’t think a single other player in the tournament is a better player in game than me. They may have a better deck, or better preparation, but in game, I will play optimally, and that gives me a great shot to win.
Tobboo – I wont, Ill lose in the semis like I have in my last 3 premier events =)
TonyGeeeee – Because I’m the best goddamn Feln player around. I created this meta and I intend to show you why (PLZ DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY)

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