Defiance Spoiler Reviews by ETS Worlds Players

We’ve finally made it into the final week of the 2018 ETS season! All sixteen Worlds players are finally chosen, and they’re preparing for the final showdown that starts at 11am EST on Saturday, December 8th. While we’re not quite ready to dive into their decks just yet, thirteen of the Worlds players have shared their brief thoughts on many of the Defiance cards spoiled so far. Players are listed in alphabetical order and their responses are reproduced as written.

If you want to know what Worlds is or who some of these players are, check out this link.



Almost: 4/5 – This card is very efficient fast removal, and being able to stun expensive units means that it is almost never a dead card when compared to suffocate and vanquish which either have a target or don’t..
BruisedByGod: 5/5 any big justice deck wants this card
camat0: Trash. 3/5
child roland: Looks good for control, probably better options for aggro/ midrange. Worth trying in midrange probably.
Erik9099: Very strong and efficient removal, pairs well with vanquish to answer almost every unit in the game. Will be an auto-include in any justice deck that isn’t aggro – 5 Stars
lv13david: As the card pool grows, so do units’ stat-lines. This card is going to deliver great tempo and value, but it has some subtle drawbacks. I rate it 4 bear claws.
Magikarp: Will see play in nonaggressive decks. Big card for a deck like TJP control who have a hard time vs Teacher of Humility. 4/5
Paradox: This is tough—probably a 2.5 or 3? It gives Justice fast speed removal (which it has little) and answers based on “cost matters”, which tends to be strong.
SecondBlue: Tier 0 card, absolutely meta defining. 5/5
ThePlatypusKing: 1/1 Most versatile 1-cost Justice kill spell.
TinMan: 3 – Torch against aggro decks, and a great stall against midrange decks. Too bad it doesn’t hit Sandstorm Titan
Tobboo: 4 – Gives Justice a very needed form of early defence. Cant really be used in aggressive decks though.
TonyGeeeee: The card Camat0 over-evaluates/10

 Bazaar Trickster


Almost: 1/5 – Too expensive. Hard to imagine this seeing play over cards like Desert Marshall and Passage of Aeons.
BruisedByGod: 4/5 Decent blocker with an effect that time wants, will probably see play
camat0: Trash. 3/5
child roland: Too slow and weak body. Very powerful in draft though.
Erik9099: The ability is quite relevant, but also quite expensive. May see some play, but gets outclassed by desert marshal and valkyrie enforcer – 2 Stars
lv13david: A 2/3 needs serious upside, which this guy has, but the cost is just too high. I’m not buying it. I rate it 2.5 spirit fingers.
Magikarp: Will see niche play in decks like chalice. Overrated but fine card. 3/5
Paradox: 2.5 if not higher. 2/3 is a fine body. Demands an answer or can take over the game vs. a lot of decks. It’s obviously slow but it’s both versatile and repeatable and Eternal players have a tendency to underrate both.
SecondBlue: Reverse the stat line to 3/2 and I would like it but as a 2/3 I’m not a fan. 2/5
ThePlatypusKing: 1/1 Most repeatable Pay 4 to activate silence effect ever.
TinMan: 4 – Repeatable silence, and a reasonable body. A body that is infected with the power of DANCE!!!
Tobboo: Constructed 2 – Draft 4. Doesnt fit the constructed meta at this point.
TonyGeeeee: Bold Adventurer with text that will trick you into thinking its good/10

Stormtamer Operative


Almost: 3/5 – A solid 2-drop for an aggressive deck that is otherwise weak to torch and hailstorm, like Hooru flyers.
BruisedByGod: 5/5 primal is short on good two drops, this is a very good two drop
camat0: Trash. 2/5
child roland: This looks very good. Unseen Tribal has been close to being a thing for a while, possible this pushes it over the line.
Erik9099: Doesnt die to torch, but is just a bold adventurer otherwise. Won’t see play outside of fringe use against aggro – 1 Star
lv13david: A 2/3 needs serious upside, and protecting your aggro deck from Hailstorm is just that. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that deck currently exists. I rate it 3 cozy scarves.
Magikarp: Solid body with nice effect. I can’t see it played too much in constructed. Another nice Chalice card? 3/5
Paradox: 1.5? Maybe? It just doesn’t seem like it does a lot that matters. It’s very reactive and doesn’t really enable game plans or shut down opposing ones in the way Bazaar Trickster does, if we’re comparing 2/3’s.
SecondBlue: Primal struggles for strong 2 drops and this will be strong in the aggressive hooru decks. 4/5
ThePlatypusKing: 1/1 Best Hate Bear of Defiance. Moonshield Protector would’ve been a better name.
TinMan: 4.5 – Huge buff in Hooru based aggro, keeping itself and your Unseen Commandos alive vs the most popular hosers Torch and Hailstorm.
Tobboo: 3 – Only because it survives torch!
TonyGeeeee: My name suggestion was: Fuktorch, Torch Fucker/10

Bear Arms


Almost: 3/5 – Excellent pun, ok card. Rewarding a go-wide strategy is a bit out of place in Rakano, but it will get to +4/4 before too long.
camat0: Trash. 2/5
child roland: Funny joke, draft only card I think.
Erik9099: Can be a very strong weapon, especially with cards like grenadin drone and assembly line, but leaves you open to a 2-for-1. Will likely see play in rakano aggro decks, but those decks won’t be very good – 2 Stars
lv13david: I appreciate the humor. I rate it 1.5 Udyrs.
Magikarp: This card might be broken with cards like grennadin drone. 4/5
Paradox: Constructed: 1.0, though probably fine for budget decks. DRAFT: Probably 2.5? Can’t tell w/o the rest of the cards but looks like it can get out of hand.
SecondBlue: As a common this could become a snap pick in draft. 1/5
ThePlatypusKing: 1/1 Best weapon imitation of Strength of Many ever.
TinMan: 1 – Most weapons are played as a top of the curve in aggressive decks, this obviously can’t be. If it was in Praxis to put into a token deck, I might be more interested.
Tobboo: 3 – I could see this going into some kind of rakano token list for sure.
TonyGeeeee: lowkey a good draft card, but nice meme/10

Eilyn, the Rising Storm


Almost: 2/5 – Too expensive for most decks, but pledge helps with consistency and the summon ability is good.
BruisedByGod: 4/5 Bigger Rizahn without lifesteal, bigger body and bigger damage will probably see some play but 8 is a big jump and even azindel struggles so who knows
camat0: Trash. 2/5
child roland: For 8 I want a bit more than a 2 for 1, I think. Could be decent in a control deck, but there are better options for limited slots there.
Erik9099: Pledge is a very small bonus, and other than that Eilyn is just worse than something like Kenna or Channel the Tempest. Won’t see serious play – 1 Star
lv13david: If you tilt your head and squint, it almost resembles an unnerfed Channel the Tempest, except you get a 6/12 tub of vanilla instead of 3 power. I rate it 4 heroic poses.
Magikarp: On turn 1 it’s a 5 stars out of 5. Any other turn it’s a 1/5. Fun card though!
Paradox: 2.0. The summon and Pledge are great, but it costs 8 and that’s a lot in almost any meta. I could be underrating her, though.
SecondBlue: I think this will see play replacing channel the tempest as the top end for primal control decks. 3/5
ThePlatypusKing: 1/1 Best Primal Sigil Ever
TinMan: 3 – Dies to Vanquish, but not before getting some value. The versatility of pledge seems like this could be playable, but seems worse than other top end cards.
Tobboo: 3 – 8 drops needs to do something the turn they are played, and Eilyn surely does. Im not convinced she does enough though.
TonyGeeeee: The card LOA will try to play in the ETS, 0-3 drop incoming/10

Display of Instinct


Almost: 4/5 – All of the modes are good and the flexibility of them makes this a very good card.
BruisedByGod: 5/5 good in every match-up
camat0: Trash. 4/5
child roland: Probably flexible enough to be played if FTP is good otherwise. Doesn’t quite draw me to that deck though.
Erik9099: Very strong modal card that has functions as both a decent removal spell and a counterspell. Will definitely see play, may help to create a new FTP deck – 4 Stars
lv13david: Traditionally, one of the oddest faction combos, but it’s hard to argue with the versatility here. The most overlooked aspect of this card might be the health gain from mode 2. I rate it 4 explorer waifus.
Magikarp: 3 powerful effects all costing 1 more power than normal. The versatility of this card makes it extremely good. 4/5
Paradox: 4.0. One of the strongest cards in the game. If your instinct is to play this card, then the main thing you will end up displaying is your high win percentage.
SecondBlue: Versatility is strong and I like that it answers vara. 3/5
ThePlatypusKing: 1/1 Best Display Ever.
TinMan: 4 – Seems like an auto-include in any future FTP Moment of Creation decks. Whether those decks are any good remains to be seen.
Tobboo: 5 – I see decks being constructed around this card.
TonyGeeeee: best goddamn card around/10

Secret Passage


Almost: 5/5 – This card is busted, and I’ll put 4 Kerendon Merchants and 4 copies of this in every deck until they nerf it.
BruisedByGod: 3/5 I really liked playing bartholo decks but this doesn’t have a body
camat0: Trash. 3/5
child roland: Probably not, but I wouldn’t be surprised.
Erik9099: Has the potential to be extremely broken. Will almost certainly see play in haunting scream/infiltrate-type deck – 4 Stars
lv13david: I expect a lot of tears, but I really hope to see the re-emergence of aggro and “Infect”-style decks. I don’t think this card is going to do either of those things without more help. I rate it 3 discolored shawls.
Magikarp: Has potential but not sure if we have the shell for it. 2/5
Paradox: 2.5. This actually seems like a pretty decent option for shadow-based aggro decks and scream decks.
SecondBlue: Meme card 0/5
ThePlatypusKing: 1/1 Best Cover of Darkness Reprint Ever.
TinMan: 2 – Seems strong in limited, but doesn’t solve any of the problems that shadow based aggro has, namely, everything dies to Hailstorm. They already have Madness, Combust, and Hideout Pistol to remove blockers.
Tobboo: 1 – Meh!
TonyGeeeee: plz no we just went out of a scream meta……/10

Cykalis, the Burning Sands


Almost: 4/5 – The statline and abilities are great in an aggressive time deck, and Pledge increases the chance that you have a good opening hand. I suspect there will be a praxis list that plays this.
BruisedByGod: 4 is the difference between this guy’s hp and titan’s hp but probably 3/5 just because no current deck would want him, time struggles with harsh rule so if they have enough charges maybe they can build differently.
camat0: Trash. 4/5
child roland: Time 4 drop is competitive slot. This falls just short I think, but does have a lot going on, so maybe.
Erik9099: Very strong card, will help make time aggro decks far stronger – 4 Stars
lv13david: Sure, you can Pledge him, but why would you ever want to? He is pretty good if all you want to do is brute-force 5 damage. I rate it 3.5 pocket sands.
Magikarp: OH GOD. Is this what love feels like? 5/5
Paradox: 3.5. This card is very aggressive in all the right ways. Also, I’m really glad to see Time get new angles and also fully embrace Charge instead of being confused knowing Accelerate exists.
SecondBlue: I like to see time getting more aggressive cards but not sure this is the one. 2/5
ThePlatypusKing: 1/1 Third Best Time Charge Unit in Defiance.
TinMan: 3 – Fails the Sandstorm Titan test, which is “Is this 4 drop time unit Sandstorm Titan?” No, it isn’t, but I tried to make Venom Rider work in an aggressive deck for far too long, and I look forward to repeating that futility with this guy.
Tobboo: 4 – This could easily turn out to be a 1 or 5 though, but I think it has great potential.
TonyGeeeee: combrei aggro wasn’t good enough????/10

Golem Press


Almost: 3/5 – I can see this seeing play in a control deck as repeated-chump blockers and a way to push damage once the board is clear. It also makes enemy relic weapons a lot worse. A lot of decks probably don’t want this though, and it does nothing if your golem is permafrosted.
BruisedByGod: ?/5 without knowing anything about golem tribal yet but maybe 3/5 since it is an ok token generator
camat0: Trash. 2/5
child roland: Decent chance I think, goes in sacrifice style decks and works well with weapons/ pumps. One of those strategies will probably get there.
Erik9099: Fringe use in conjunction with crystalline chalice, but not really a constructed playable card – 1 Star
lv13david: Not impressed. I can’t see this being playable. Now watch me be wrong. I rate it 1 Steel Golem.
Magikarp: This is probably too slow for constructed. Fun limited card to generate value. 3/5
Paradox: 1.5???????? It just seems way too slow without a high enough payoff since you’re limited to only 1 golem at a time.
SecondBlue: This card is very strong. I guarantee this will see competitive play. 4/5
ThePlatypusKing: 0/1 Most surprising card that will kill me in the future.
TinMan: 1 – Just no, don’t get baited by Double Damage, relics that can make 1/1s are not constructed playable.
Tobboo: 2 – Compare it to cookbook and youll see why its low.
TonyGeeeee: And i thought Argenport Sewers was unplayable/10

Resolute Monk


Almost: 5/5 – Very efficient aggressive unit, and in a deck that plays extra power cards this can easily attack for 7 with overwhelm. Even if you don’t have any power, it’s sort of fine as a 3/1.
BruisedByGod: w.e, 0/5 for constructed
camat0: Trash. 4/5
child roland: Dies a bit too hard to Vara’s Favor for my tastes.
Erik9099: Extremely powerful time aggro card, will see tons of play – 5 Stars
lv13david: This card is great and also infuriating. You don’t need me to tell you that. I rate it 4.5 Genetrixes.
Magikarp: Extremely powerful card. Will be played heavily in non-vara’s favor metas. 4/5
Paradox: 2.5. Squishy on your turn, but hits like a truck. I think this might be better than Awakened Student in some aggressively-based Combrei aggro decks, which says a lot.
SecondBlue: This is obviously a great draft card and before the printing of teacher I would’ve said viable for constructed however I believe the time 2 drop slot might be too contested now. 2/5
ThePlatypusKing: 0/1 Worst Spoiler Render Ever. (Card is actually great)
TinMan: 3 – Seems strong in an aggressive deck, but is it better than Teacher? Against opposing aggro or midrange, it is very possible, I am willing to try this guy out.
Tobboo: 3 – Decent aggro unit that demands a quick response.
TonyGeeeee: plz no, not combrei again/10



Almost: 3/5 – Pledge on a multifaction unit is great and this does some interesting things. If you make it unblockable with Secret Passage and copy it with Mirror Image, you can play an unblockable pledge every turn, but the opponent can still develop their board while you do this.
BruisedByGod: very cool
camat0: Trash. 2/5
child roland: This has enough going on to be pretty decent I think. Just the opening hand fixing alone is respectable.
Erik9099: Extremely strong aggro card, synergizes very well with haunting scream. Will almost certainly see play in a TPS scream deck – 4 Stars
lv13david: The Pledge interaction could be the edge it needs to be viable. Everything else is fairly unimpressive, potential Haunting Scream shenanigans notwithstanding. I rate it 3 red glowing eyeballs.
Magikarp: Extremely hard to cast with a very powerful effect. Expect this to fit into combo deck potentially. 3/5
Paradox: 3.0. Hard to know exactly what the deck that uses this will look like, but it’s hard to imagine this card doesn’t half-way make a deck by itself.
SecondBlue: This card is ok. I think it isn’t quite good enough to run in xenan without some synergies. 2/5
ThePlatypusKing: 1/1 Most Dreadful Scream Target to Date.
TinMan: 1 – If your opponent has any blocker, they can block and trade with it, removing it’s recursion. It seems to me like a 4 cost Dark Return, but worse.
Tobboo: 3 – Interesting to see if this gets abused with revenge.
TonyGeeeee: you need 2 Dread and your opponent to do nothing for 6 turns and you got a nice combo/10

Display of Vision


Almost: 4/5 – Three very efficient modes at fast speed. The ramp option can play any power card undepleted, which means that you play undepleted seats or banners and still have power leftover for something else.
BruisedByGod: 5/5 secret pages with utility is probably amazing and you can get crests with this
camat0: Trash. 4/5
child roland: I think this is flexible enough to get there, but not certain. Will probably depend on how strong the Plague choice is in the format, I think.
Erik9099: Very strong card, can essentially be looked at as secret pages with crazy upside. The influence cost is tricky, but it will definitely see play in decks that can cast it – 3 Stars
lv13david: Fast Spell means a lot here. You’ll need to take advantage of that aspect if you want to get your power’s worth out of it. For this to be worthwhile, you’ll want to be able to make good use of mode 2. I rate it 3.5 fancy hats.
Magikarp: This doesn’t seem very powerful. Not worth playing 3 colors for this. 2/5
Paradox: 2.0. It’s not nearly as strong as Instinct but being fast speed and having all these options seems decent. Just make sure it’s in a deck that can use Secret Pages.
SecondBlue: Too situational to be good outside of draft imo. 1/5
ThePlatypusKing: 1/1 Maybe play this in a Mask Ramp deck?
TinMan: 2 – None of these effects are particularly powerful, in contrast with the FTP charm.
Tobboo: 4 – I like choices!
TonyGeeeee: A boring card for a boring faction combination/10

Zal Chi, Herald of War


Almost: 4/5 – A good finisher for an FTP deck, though it has to compete with things like Heart of the Vault, and 7-cost is a lot.
BruisedByGod: what are ruin stalkers?
camat0: Trash. 2/5
child roland: Probably not, since it dies a bit too hard to Permafrost/ Feeding Time. Maybe if those effects see less play?
Erik9099: Is a strong finisher in a control deck, but will likely see more play in FPT or 4-faction charge rod decks – 4 Stars
lv13david: What does a Ruin Stalker do? Assuming they are vanilla, this guy is a pretty straightforward finisher. I rate it 4 wurm tokens.
Magikarp: I don’t think this card will be played much in constructed or limited. Sick swords though. 2/5
Paradox: 2.0. Seems good vs. Harsh Rule decks and pretty average vs. most everything else. Could be a great market card.
SecondBlue: Very cool card that will have decks built around it for sure. This game has too much removal though so… 2/5
ThePlatypusKing: 1/1 Can’t wait to brew 5F Charge Rod with this card.
TinMan: 4 – Much like the FTP charm, this seems strong in its deck, but whether that deck is any good in general remains to be seen.
Tobboo: 4 – This will lead to such greedy deck! Future predicted!
TonyGeeeee: cool card that won’t see play/10

Kosul Elite


Almost: 3/5 – This card does interesting things when you have a Horde Plunderer in play, but I suspect it will generally die before you have time to play many weapons. It can survive a torch if you play it and leave up power for a cheap weapon. Rakano aggro may also want this, since it lets you a-space and play weapons after the opponent tries to block.
BruisedByGod: ?/5 how does this card work
camat0: Trash. 2/5
child roland: 3 Power 3/2 with no Aegis is a rough stat-line. Ability is definitely strong though, we’ll see.
Erik9099: Not good enough to see constructed play, 3-cost 3/2 is very bad and the ability is not very relevant since you’d rather be attacking the turn you play a weapon anyways – 0 Stars
lv13david: If you’re playing a weapon at fast speed, it’s probably for defensive purposes. So you’re playing a 3/2 for 3 for defensive purposes? Maybe doubling your amount of fast speed Stand Togethers is worth it in some far-off meta. I rate it 2 stylish cloaks.
Magikarp: Hard to cast, dies to almost everything but powerful effect. Will see play. 4/5
Paradox: 1.5? I think being a 3/2 with no aegis or evasion makes sure this doesn’t get too out of hand, but it does seem spicy and could be good if enough powerful weapons are printed.
SecondBlue: Fast speed regents blade!!! Some good synergies with current weapons and perhaps new weapons this set so could be in a fun deck. 2/5
ThePlatypusKing: 1/1 Best Minotaur of Set 5 Yet.
TinMan: 1 – This frozen cow reminded me to take that ground beef out of my freezer so I can cook dinner. Other than that, this card is useless, but I do appreciate the reminder.
Tobboo: 2 – Justice 3 drops are just too good. This will have a hard time competing with them.
TonyGeeeee: winner of the 2019 ”if this card sticks….” Award /10



Almost: 1/5 – This card is not good, but you can do some fun things with it.
BruisedByGod: 0/5 for serious play since it has a terrible body, a terrible statline, and terrible abilities.
camat0: Trash. 2/5
child roland: No. Want to play it in Draft at least once though. OK, I want it every draft.
Erik9099: Not a good card, dies to every removal spell out there and will usually draw a bad spell anyways. The reckless just seals its fate as unplayable garbage – 0 Stars
lv13david: I love the flavor of a reckless “Flamebrewer” eating a Torch. Which is what will happen every time you cast this card. This one is for Pojo. I rate it 1.5 random spells.
Magikarp: Shatterglass Mage: “I die to everything.” Flamebrewer: “Hold my beer.” 2/5
Paradox: Constructed: 0.0. Fun Tier list: 5.0. This guy is literally hot jank.
SecondBlue: Sweet! 1/5
ThePlatypusKing: 0/1 This card will win the first ETS of 2019.
TinMan: 1 – We Hearthstone now boiz!!!!
Tobboo: 3 – Has potential, but have to be built around, and I dont think its good enough for that.
TonyGeeeee: We’re lucky it has reckless, or else it would be waaaay too good… Kappa/10

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