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What is Team Series?

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Welcome to the final event of ETS Season Three: the Team Series playoffs! For those who may be unfamiliar with team series, some players banded together into teams and competed for IP in their play in the regular ETS. The four most successful teams – Eternal Titans, SPG Revenge, SPG Destiny, and Platypus Island – were invited to this final winner-take-all tournament.

Team Series Playoffs take place on Saturday, September 15th starting at 11:30am EST.

The stream will begin at 11am EST and we hope to be joined by representatives for each of the teams, who will talk their teams up and tear the other teams down in a preshow before the action starts. The games themselves will take place at 11:30am EST and all the games will happen on one day.


Deep breath: Team Series will use its own custom format, in both deckbuilding and gameplay. First, for deckbuilding: Teams will submit six decklists under Nonpower Double Unified rules. What the hell does that mean? Essentially, you’re creating six decks with the limitation that you can play no more than eight copies of a nonpower card across all your decks (and of course you can’t play more than four copies in a single deck). Once again, both Seek Power and Petition are considered power by these restrictions.

Does this mean you could simply submit two copies of a legal 3 deck unified lineup? Absolutely, if you choose to go that route. Having four unique decks and one double up deck is also an option! These deckbuilding choices may limit your options down the line, however.


Gameplay is fairly basic – the quarterfinals will take place, then the winners will face off in the finals. Quarterfinals will be seeded in the usual way for Top 4: 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3. How the actual matches are going to work is something else.

First, each team will ban one of the other teams decks, and it will be ineligible for play so only five decks will be usable in the actual match. Next, each team will blind pick their first deck. These decks will play a best of three set against each other. After the set BOTH decks are eliminated (win or lose) and the teams will once again blind pick their next deck. The first team to win 3 sets will win the match!

Teams are encouraged to be in voice comms during the games and may freely give each other advice. Only one set will ever be going on at a time, so it is anticipated that they will play it as a team. We’d like for teams to swap out who is piloting the deck each set so that people can get a better feel for who’s on the team, but if not all players are present and someone needs to double up its not a big deal.


This is a winner take all event – the winning team will take home $200 USD, and each team member will receive a InkedGaming Mousepad.


We’ll be streaming one of the quarterfinals and the finals from one of the teams perspectives, but the teams not featured as primary perspective are encouraged to stream their team chatter and perspective – with a reasonable delay of at least five minutes. Team chatter is much of what makes Team Series enjoyable, and we’d like everyone to be able to enjoy it.


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