Where have all the Writers gone?

Long ago, in the Before Times, RNGEternal was a legitimate source for regular written content. In modern times we are better known for our tournaments and streams, but the history remains. I’m happy to announce that RNGEternal is officially moving out of the writing business to focus on tournaments, and we’re dropping tier lists as well (which will come as no surprise to all given that I have received 0 tweets asking where this list is).

Where can I go for written content then?

If you’re like me, you’ll agree that written content is the best form of content as it can be consumed at the reader’s leisure and easily referred back to. Neon has parted ways with RNGEternal and formed A+Space, a content superprovider for Eternal articles, as well as other games like Artifact and MTG as well. With him go many of the writers who used to write for RNGEternal, including Flash2351, LightsOutAce, and LocoPojo. In particular, the Draft Tier List Flash maintains will be moving as well. Be sure to check them out! If you liked them here, you’ll love them there.

What’s sticking around?

  • LightsOutAce will continue his regular streams on the aReNGeeEternal Twitch channel.
  • LocoPojo will continue casting the ETS.
  • The rest of the production staff will be sticking around and RNGEternal will continue producing the ETS. A+Space has nothing to do with tournament production.
  • aReNGee himself will be sticking around, and writing from time to time.

In the coming weeks, RNGEternal will probably be reorganized to better serve its purpose of hosting tournament information rather than articles, but until then its business as usual. Join me in congratulating Neon on the launch of his new content platform!

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