Saturday Tournament – Market Master

The Fall of Argenport is upon us and so are changes. The Eternal Tournament Series is on hiatus this week, and we will be running a different tournament in its place. No points will be up for grabs, but it has winner-take-all monetary prizing and as many mousepads as I can get. The registration link is at the bottom of the page. Here’s what you need to know:

The Fall of Argenport is LEGAL for this tournament.


Same time as a regular ETS: 10am EDT registration deadline on Saturday, June 30th, with the tournament beginning at Noon EDT on Saturday, June 30th.

What’s New

The rules are identical to the regular ETS (swiss cut to top 8), with the following exceptions:

  • This tournament will not award points.
  • There are no sideboards. Games remain best of three, but you cannot modify your deck at any point during the tournament.
  • All decks must have a Market. That means every deck must play at least one Merchant, in order to legally register a Market. You may have zero cards in your market, if you wish (but never more than five unique cards).


First Place:  $100 USD and a mousepad! (design pending)

Second Place: Definitely a mousepad! (design pending)

Third through Eighth: As many mousepads as I can get authorization from the sponsor for!


Remember to register using a EWC tournament deck with a Market, but no sideboard.

Registration Link

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