Fall of Argenport – Cirso’s Choice

Argenport is falling, which means we have choices to make. Important choices. Do we rebel, or stand by the city? Do we hide, or do we fight? Do we crush our enemies, or do we just want a really good dinner? Let’s take a look at Cirso’s Choice!

As with any modal card, there is a lot going on here. Let’s talk about the first mode: you gain an aegis and 6 health. Face aegis and extra life are both nice things to have, but you generally want this as a side benefit to another card. If you are facing a dedicated burn deck this card is stellar, but since the Flame Blast nerf that archetype has not been a particularly successful archetype. Since this is a fast spell it could be possible to use the face aegis as a pseudo counter spell, though this is obviously clunky in that role. It should be noted that 6 health is a lot, and if we get to a world where some Elysian Lifeforce deck become popular, this is an interesting tool. Still, I think this is just too inefficient to be worth a slot in your average deck. Cirso may be pigging out on this dish, but I am not so interested.

When it comes down to it, the second mode is what brings home the bacon. Yes, 2 damage to everything for 4 power is a lot worse than Hailstorm or Lightning Storm, but the advantage of fast speed is quite handy. Playing end-of-turn Cirso’s Choice to eat up some pesky grenadins or yetis will let you have all your power available on your own turn to play a dinosaur or a pig giant. Cleaning up a Bandit Queen plus all her friends on the turn she is played is quite handy! Still in terms of raw efficiency, this is a bit loose. While it is possible that this sees some play as a main deck card, I don’t see any danger of this hogging the limelight.

Things get most exciting when this piggy goes to the market! The fact that Cirso’s Choice is both a Time card and a Primal card means that if could fit into either type of market. Many people have noted that the Time Merchant is probably the best on the basis of his body, but Time is honestly lacking in good interaction. There isn’t much in the way of Time sweepers or Time counterspells. Maybe you are looking to play this with Auralian Merchant for certain match ups? Obviously you would rather have access to Lightning Storm or Hailstorm in a lot of spots, but you don’t always get to have such nice things. If you are playing a midrangy Elysian deck this allows you to get a sweeper from your Auralian Merchant when the occasion calls for it.

It should also be noted that this is an uncommon, so I am willing to go ham on this in limited. Lightning Storm is quite good in the right deck, even though you rarely cast it on turn 2. Cirso’s Choice being fast does give you some interesting The specifics of the environment matter a lot, since a world packed with aggressive units like set 1 draft will like this a lot more than a slower format like sealed.

Overall I think Cirso’s Choice has potential for a few fringe applications, but is unlikely to see significant competitive-tier play. I may not be willing to go whole-hog on this card, but I’m happy that it is on the menu! Thanks to Dire Wolf Digital for giving me the chance to spoil a card! I’m extremely excited for Fall of Argenport, and I’m sure all of you are too!

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