ETS All Stars Viewers Guide

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The ETS All Stars tournament takes place starting at 11am EST on June 16th and continues at 11am EST on June 17th. It features eight Eternal players battling it out in an unusual single elimination format for the grand prize – the pride that comes from winning All Stars, plus the winner will get a spoiler card from Set 4 (and I’m sure we can swing a mousepad). But before we dive into matchups and whatnot, lets meet the players and see how they got here!

Day One Matchups

Match 1

2017 World Champion
2017 Player of the Year (sub)

Match 2

Season One Invitational Champion (sub)
Season One IP Leader

Match 3

Season Two Invitational Champion
Season Two IP Leader

Match 4

Rookie of the Year (sub)
2018 SP Leader


Now, this is a special tournament. Last week, each of these players (except Kang, who was absent) drafted three faction combinations that they would use to build their decks. Some chose wisely, some chose Elysian, some had the misfortune to be last and get stuck with single faction combinations. Each of them has used this past week to build the best decks they can, and they’ll battle it out in conquest style – after a blind first pick from each player, the losing deck will be eliminated in each set until one player has no decks remaining. The first player to win three sets will win the match! Here are the factions that the players drafted/ended up with:

Mono Primal was not picked

The matches are set and we’re ready to go! The games will be cast by other pairs of All Stars players, so there will be a lot of All Star moments at this event. See you all tomorrow!


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