Spoiler Season, Part One of ??? – Preconstructed Notions

aReNGee got in before Neon for once! We’ve hit the start of Set 4 Spoiler season, and I’m going to do constructed reviews for every card as they’re being spoiled. Thus far, all of the spoilers can be viewed here and are generally posted to Reddit within minutes. There aren’t a ton to talk about so far, but I’m going to take us through the scale I’m going to be using for the cards.

Constructed Rating


Faction staple, probably meta defining. Will see play or at least consideration across all decks of that color combination. Examples: Torch, Slay, Tavrod, Sandstorm Titan


Archetype staple. Sees play or at least consideration in the majority of decks of that archetype that can play it. Examples: Oni Ronin (in non hostile metagames), Champion of Cunning, Unseen Commando


Deck Staple. Will see play or at least consideration in one or more decks. A fairly broad catagory, but cards that rank 3 or above are always worth thinking about including. Examples: Wisdom of the Elders, Seek Power, In Cold Blood


Situational card. Could be a staple of a lesser played archetype, a sideboard card to help handle an archetype, or just a card you don’t want until you really want it. Examples: Sabotage, Devoted Theruge, Unseal

1 or less

This card is not going to be played in constructed.

Card Reviews (in order of spoiler gallery)


Constructed Rating: 0.5

We start off with more of a whimper than a bang. The only thing worth noting here is that it could be a good two drop for the Accelerated Impact deck that everybody forgot about because well, it wasn’t really a deck. This does block most two and three drops before hitting for 5 damage in the air (with Accelerated Impact) – this could make the cut in a deck that proudly plays 4xHelpful Doorbot.


Constructed Rating: 5

The four missing crests from Set 3 are finally being released! As we have seen in the last couple months, Crests are so good they’re worth splashing for – this is going to make Hooru and JPx decks much better all by itself.


Constructed Rating: 2.5

Our final card for the day, and the only one that requires actual consideration before ranking. If your opponent has no silence effects, this card is a vanilla unit – that’s not very exciting. However, there’s a floor on how bad it can be. You’re never going to play it without wanting the effect, but it is a single influence two drop with passable stats and potential Unseen synergies. The card is good at doing what it does – it protects both itself and all of your other units, as well as being cheap enough to deploy before/alongside the card you actually care about. This could be an effective anithoser card for a deck like Scream if something like old Steward of the Past shows up again, and its unique enough and powerful enough to always be worth thinking about. However, it is a niche effect, and will therefore not see play in the majority of decks – the rating is mostly based on its potential ceiling. When this card is good, it will be very good.

Unfortunately, that’s all we have for today! Look for another article to pop up in two or three days, once we’ve amassed another 3 or 4 spoilers to discuss. We’re just getting the ball rolling early – Canary and Crest don’t have a lot of talking points, but Lida’s Apprentice has generated a fair amount of discussion. Where do you think she’s going to land when the dust settles?



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