Announcing the Team Draft Tournament on April 28th!

We here at RNGEternal are proud to announce our most ambitious tournament format yet – Team Draft! Players will not register for the tournament with decks, but rather as individual players. Team Captains will draft four other players to form teams of five, who will work together to build decks. Each player will have their own deck, and play against other teams in a large simultaneous Best of Five match – the team that wins the most matches gets the win!

Important Dates

April 12th – Registration Deadline

April 13th – Player Draft Preparation Show

April 15th – Player Draft occurs live

April 27th – Decklist Deadline

April 28th – Team Draft Tournament

Why the big gap between the Player Draft and the tournament? This gives players an extra week to practice working together (practicing for Week 4 of the ETS, perhaps) and also gives them a longer time period to build their decklists (pushing the draft back a week would give a mere 5 days to put everything together).


In order to register, simply click the link below! Anyone can register, of any skill or experience level, and the organizers will ensure that there are enough teams for everyone to play. To ensure this, we will not be choosing Team Captains until after registration closes. If you’d like to be a Team Captain, there is a space to indicate this on the registration forms. The registration form includes a few fields for you to provide us with basic information as well as a short paragraph for you to hype yourself up. These will be made available to the Team Captains after registration closes.

RNGEternal will also be doing a special “Player Draft Hype” show where we help to hype up the players and guess at some of the early picks. We’ve never done anything like this before, but it’s all in good fun and a good chance for players to work together and meet players they might otherwise not have talked to.

Register Here by 11:59pm EST on April 12th

Player Draft

The order of the Team Captains will be randomized, then the player draft will progress in a Snake Draft format – each round will alternate from ascending draft order and descending draft order. Each Captain will draft four players – there will be enough Captains to ensure everyone is picked up.

Deck Registration

The team will register 5 decks – one for each player. The decks will be tied to a player and a seat – they will play that deck for the duration of the tournament against other players in that seat. Decks must be Non-Power Unified – you may not play more than 4 copies of a non-power card across all your decklists, with the exception of Seek Power (you may play up to 20 copies of Seek Power, max 4 per deck). Decks are a minimum of 75 cards, with sideboard of up to 15 cards.

Tournament Format

Teams will play in a Swiss Tournament with a cut to same-day Top 8 (swiss rounds determined by number of teams). Each team of five will play against another team of five in simultaneous matches. Player A from team 1 will play against Player A from Team 2, Player B vs Player B, etc. Each of these submatches will be a Best of Three match with sideboarding after the first game. The team that wins the majority of these submatches (at least three of five) will win the overall match. Teams are allowed (and encouraged) to be in comms during the event, but must take care not to backseat play another players match (as that slows the tournament down). Tournament round times will be extended to 60 minutes, and will use the usual rulesets for penalties and infractions.


The Team Draft Tournament is intended to be an experimental fun tournament, and as such there is no money on the line. This should help ensure that the experience is positive and casual, and players enjoy working with others they haven’t before, rather than worrying too much about performance. However, the tournament is not completely without a prize (beyond bragging rights). The winning team will be invited to the ETS All-Stars to play in a showmatch.

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