2018 ETS World Championships – Top 4 Predictions

We’ve nearly made it to the very end – this weekend hosts the final ETS Tournament of 2018, and what a tournament it is. Sixteen of the very best players are fighting for titles (and five thousand dollars) and its up to us, your production team, to pick which four we think are going to go the furthest. Not an easy task at the best of times, and we’ve got a lineup so stacked that anybody could win. Let’s run it down. In brief, we have:

  • The most successful player of all time (Mouche)
  • The defending World Champion (camat0)
  • The only player ever to win multiple Premiere events (TonyGeeeee)
  • The player who can only be stopped by TonyGeeeee (Almost)
  • SPG’s Captain and Invitational Champion (Paradox)
  • The third ranked player despite skipping season 4 entirely (childroland)
  • The best SPG deckbuilder, as long as the pilot is also BBG (BruisedByGod)
  • The leading Rookie of the Year and multigame all-star (Magikarp)
  • The king of ECL (and no slouch at ETS) (SooNo)
  • The quietest member of ET back for his second worlds (Tobboo)
  • The SPG rookie Almost famous for coming second (SecondBlue)
  • The richest player to ever play three copies of a card for budget reasons (Kang)
  • The creator of TinPile who had sufficient wisdom to move on from TinPile at least some of the time (TinMan)
  • The friendliest player ever to play no win con control (Erik9099)
  • The king himself (ThePlatypusKing)
  • ET’s dark horse (lv13david, recently promoted to lv14david off his Wildcard win)

Now, of course these brief sentences can do these players no justice, but we are pressed for space. If you’d like a more in depth introduction, check out this article.

Top 4/Winner Predictions by the Production Crew

We’ll be predicting both our Top 4 and the eventual winner, as well as giving our reasoning. Players will be listed in alphabetical order. This is just for fun, and we have nothing bad to say about the players we don’t pick – but someone has to come out on top, and these are the ones we think will take it. Picks were made without knowledge of decklists.

aReNGee’s Top 4 Predictions

  • Almost – I’m a huge fan of both storylines and consistency, and Almost has me coming and going. In addition to one of the most ridiculous winrates I’ve ever seen, the guy always manages to end up in the finals. TonyGeeeee has shut him down twice, and I could not ask for a better storyline than a finals rematch.
  • childroland – This guy offered to lend us a hand and cast the entirety of Season Four, when things like Invitationals, Worlds, and the Community Championship were on the line. He did fantastic and we’d love to have him back… but I have a feeling he’s done with the booth and is much more interested in winning.
  • TonyGeeeee – Well, Tony has to make it for that finals rematch, right? Jokes aside, Tony has already won two major events this year and looks well poised to take a third.
  • ThePlatypusKing – The king himself was brought low early in the year and nearly missed Worlds entirely, only to be saved when TonyG defeated Almost in the constantly referenced Season Four Invitational finals. He’s destined to be here, and I bet he wasn’t brought here just to go down in the first round.

And the winner is…

Almost. There’s no other player who’s come closer, more often, in the last few weeks. If Worlds took place at the end of Season Three it would be Mouche by a landslide with camat0 following behind, but you have to ride the momentum and perhaps only TonyG has more momentum than Almost. He’s more than good enough and he’s got the drive – this time the finals rematch will be Almost perfect.

LightsOutAce’s Top 4 Predictions

  • Almost – TonyGeeeee may have won the last invitational, but Almost is the hottest player right now. If he can keep on winning during invitationals and wildcards despite putting Gorgon Fanatic in his decks, nothing is going to stop him now.
  • camat0 – Hard to bet against the reigning champ. Despite what he says, Camat0 plays good decks well and isn’t afraid to go off the beaten path if he thinks he has a deck better than the common-knowledge best decks.
  • Erik9099 – Erik is always on top of the metagame , playing the latest hot tech better than anyone else. If he gets the right read on the field, he’s unstoppable.
  • TonyGeeeee – Tony is the only two-time Invitational winner, meaning he is the winningest player on the premier stage. Also, he’s really going to tilt if he loses day 1, and we don’t want that.

And the winner is…

TonyGeeeee. He just keeps on winning; I can’t explain it.

ET Sunyveil’s Top 4 Predictions

  • BruisedByGod – Best player not on ET
  • camat0 – Second best player on ET
  • Mouche – Best player on ET
  • Tobboo – Third best player on ET

And the winner is…

Mouche, because he’s the best player on ET.

ExKirby’s Top 4 Predictions

  • childroland – This isn’t even a meme I just think he’s going to do well
  • Magikarp – I just want to live in the timeline where he gives himself the 1st place reward and looks like a bit of a tosser
  • ThePlatypusKing – Dude has king in his name he can’t be bad
  • TonyGeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee – the player whos name i get to extend or shorten needlessly as required/10

And the winner is…

The audience! Nah, It’ll be ThePlatypusKing I think, dude has performed in way too many tournaments to not be good.

Xenorath’s Top 4 Predictions

  • Almost
  • BruisedByGod
  • childroland
  • TonyGeeeee

And the winner is…


Top 4/Winner Predictions by ETS Players (including a worlds player for some reason)

TRS Magikarps’s Top 4 Predictions

  • Almost – On another level
  • Magikarp – Politicians always vote for themselves in elections.
  • SecondBlue – Probably my favorite player. Card game God.
  • ThePlatypusKing – Friend, teammate, potential lover

And the winner is…

Magikarp. Editor Note: He also wrote the entire Pokemon theme song but its been excluded for the sake of brevity.

OND komodo’s Top 4 Predictions

  • Almost – He almost won multiple times before and it’ll probably happen again.
  • BruisedByGod – Basically the same reason as Tony. Editor Note: He wrote this one after Tony’s.
  • camat0 – jajaja
  • TonyGeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee – He attributes his second invitational win to going full no-life mode for 8+ hours a day weeks before the tourney. That’s an attitude that can get someone far. (also cause he primed the metagame to be Feln-only so he can sweep with Armoury)

And the winner is…

TonyGeeeee. 15 people will be on Feln. Time to bring down the runehammer.

OND IlyaK’s Top 4 Predictions

  • Almost – Madman of a deckbuilder, and fantastic pilot. Most complete player in the game right now.
  • camat0 – First world champ, top tier memer, very strong pilot, and team ET is always setting the metagame. And very much isn’t trash.
  • ThePlatypusKing – THE KING! An extremely strong player with a generally excellent read on the metagame, and constantly maintains his form through hours of streaming. Plus, it’d be criminal to not have TRS represented in my top 4. Looking forward to a strong performance from THE KING of Platypus Island!
  • TonyGeeeeee – Two-time invitational winner, brought Feln back with a vengeance (or is that with a cunning?) like his name was Sir Rhino or Elunex, and just a generally jovial guy that I can’t help but root for.

And the winner is…

Almost. The man’s record is unreal, and he can attack the metagame with decks that people might not be able to play around, even when they know the full list. Someone that’s both an elite brewer and elite pilot is not a type of player we often see in this game, and I think he’s just a little bit better of a player than most of the others in the competition.

TGP Jez2718’s Top 4 Predictions

  • Almost
  • Mouche 
  • SecondBlue
  • TonyGeeeee

And the winner is…

Almost. TGP > All.

ET Grimfan’s Top 4 Predictions

  • lv14david– He is acquiring mad experience lately. It takes a lot to level up.
  • Mouche – Because he is probably the best Eternal player.
  • SooNo – Because he thinks my cheeks are cute.
  • Tobboo – Because Tony thinks he is the best player on ET

And the winner is…

Mouche. Because he is the best Eternal player and I think he’ll clean up. He’s also my mentor and best friend.