Announcing the Second Annual Eye of Winter Classic!



The Eye of Winter Classic takes place on December 16th, beginning at 12pm EST. Registration deadline is 2 hours before the event.

Register Here


Previously a Double Elimination tournament, the EoWC II has been revamped to use the Swiss format, with a cut to single elimination Top 8 at the conclusion of the swiss. The rules used are identical to those used in our regular weekly events, which many have missed during our World Championships windup and close out. No special deck restrictions are in place for this event, but you must follow our ruleset as usual.

As always, players who have registered for the event must check-in in the official Eternal Discord in the 30 minutes before the event in #tournament-results, or they will be considered not to be attending and dropped from the event.

Pairings will be announced by the Tournament Organizer in the #Tournaments-Info Channel on Discord, usually via a Challonge bracket.



The tournament will be streamed live starting at 12pm EST on the official RNG Eternal Twitch channel. We may have some special guest casting this tournament, so be sure to check it out!


1st Place: $50 cash prize

2nd Place: $30 cash prize

3rd/4th Place: $15 cash prize

5th – 8th Place: $10 cash prize

Prizes are distributed via PayPal. This tournament does not award points of any kind and is not tracked for Hall of Fame records.

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