Announcing kcbandit’s first Sealed Tournament!

kcbandit has approached us to sponsor an event yet again, and this time it’s a limited event! Sign up for this tournament and you will be assigned a pool of cards to build a 75 card deck from in a limited amount of time. Players will use the decks they’ve built to battle it out to see who is the best sealed deckbuilder!

Registration for the sealed tournament closes at 11:59pm EST on December 8th, 2017.

Click the above link to register! Registration for this tournament will be using Battlefy, and you must have or create a Battlefy account to register. Deck submission will still use an exterior form, and we’ll still be using the official Eternal Discord channel to pass information and declare round times.

Special Rules

As this is a sealed tournament, we will need some way to ensure that everyone winds up with a pool of random cards. Sealed pools will be created via script, using eight Set One packs and four set two packs as the base (12 packs in all). Players use these packs, plus an unlimited amount of basic sigils, to build legal 75 card decks.

Every player must use the same 75 card deck in the first game of the Best of 3 against their opponent, but may use every card in their pool as their sideboard. This allows, for instance, players to swap between different decks between games in a best of 3, as long as every card in the decks was in their pool.

Unfortunately while in other limited tournaments it may be possible to use 5 or more copies of a single card if you found yourself with that in your sealed pool, due to the restrictions of the system you must build a legal Eternal constructed deck. Both original pools and final decklists will be public, and you will only have 90 minutes after receiving your pool to build your deck.

The tournament itself will be run in the usual swiss style, with a cut to single elimination top 8 at the conclusion of the swiss. Please follow our general guidelines and ruleset, as usual.

Pack Generation

A practice generator for packs can be found on Eternal Warcry.

However, I’ll be using my own script to generate the pools for the event, using the following rules:

  • Everyone will be given 2 Seek Powers and 2 Diplomatic Seals, and the script will be modified so that you cannot receive more than 4 of these cards.
  • 1/11 legendary upgrade rate (as that seems to be the most accurate to actual packs)
  • There will be no set 0 cards


  • Prior to December 9th: Register for the tournament!
  • December 9th, 10am EST: Sealed pools are released. Players may begin building their decks.
  • December 9th, 11:30am EST: Players must register their final lists. Organizers will check deck legality and sealed pools.
  • December 9th, 12:30pm EST: Decklists will become public and the tournament will begin!


The tournament will be streamed live on December 9th starting at 12:30pm EST on the official RNG Eternal Twitch channel. We may have some special guest casting this tournament, so be sure to check it out!

Prizing (sponsored by kcbandit)

1st Place: $100 cash prize

2nd Place: $60 cash prize

3rd/4th Place: $40 cash prize

5th – 8th Place: $15 cash prize

Prizes are distributed via PayPal. This tournament does not award points of any kind and is not tracked for Hall of Fame records.

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