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It’s all come down to this – more than a year in the making, the World Championships is the culmination of every players ETS career. Players have fought long and hard to get here, with one of the most brutal winner-take-all tournaments, Worlds Wildcard, held just last week. Two players, Tobbo and Camat0, emerge from that tournament (playlist of the win-and-in matches here) to join the 14 players already waiting to claim their prize in a massive $3000 tournament.

Tournament Format

The World Championships take place over 4 days – Nov 11, 12, 18, and 19. The first two days feature fifteen rounds of Round Robin play, where every Worlds player plays every other Worlds player once. The top four players after round robin play are seeded directly into Top 8, while the bottom 4 players duke it out in a four person single elimination tournament. Losers go home, winner joins the other 8 players on Day 3. Day 3 has another 8 rounds of Round Robin play, and the top 4 players will again advance to Day 4 and Top 8. The final day of the tournament will be a double elimination tournament for all the players left standing, and the winner will be crowned World Champion!

The Brackets:

First Round Robin

Second Round Robin

Top 8 Bracket

The player with the most series points after the World Championships will earn the title of Player of the Year.

Watching the Tournament

This tournament goes a little longer and starts a little earlier than most, but will be streamed live on the RNGEternal’s Twitch channel. Action starts at 11am EST every day – Nov 11, 12, 18, and 19. If you can’t watch the tournament live, there will be round by round updates on RNGEternal’s Twitter. The whole tournament will be uploaded to Youtube after the tournament has ended.

Detailed information on World Championships

World Championship Prizing ($3000 prize pool)

First Place: The title of World Champion, a cash prize of $1000, 20 Series Points, and a very good shot at the Player of the Year title.

Second Place: A cash prize of $750 and 16 Series Points.

Third Place: A cash prize of $500 and 13 Series Points.

Fourth Place: A cash prize of $250 and 10 Series Points.

Fifth and Sixth Place: A cash prize of $150 and 8 Series Points.

Seventh and Eighth Place: A cash prize of $100 and 6 Series Points.

What are Series Points?

Who’s Playing?

Each player got their very own profile page! Head on down to the individual pages to read more about the players, or check out their interviews.

World Championship Player Interviews

Player Series Points Invite
Angrychicken 34 Invitational Champion
Unearthly 29 Series Points
KampfKrote 26 Midseason Major Champion
HiThar 26 Series Points
Toth201 23 Invitational Champion
LocoPojo 23 Series Points
VSarius 22 Series Points
LoveUP 19 Series Points
SirRhino 19 Series Points
Mouche 17 Series Points
IlyaK1986 15 Series Points
childroland 14 Invitational Champion
Sunyveil 14 Invitational Champion
LightsOutAce 12 Invitational Champion
camat0 12 Series Points
Tobbo 9 Wildcard Winner

And here are the decklists, now that they’ve been released.

Top 4 Predictions (for the first round robin)

Since Worlds only features 16 players, picking Top 8 would be way too easy. Therefore, we’ve decided to instead pick the players wee think will be Top 4 after the first round robin. The three usual suspects (RNG, rekenner, and Tixij) will be sharing their predictions, as well as for the first time, two of our guest casters. As always, these predictions are just for fun. Players are listed in alphabetical order. Without further ado, here are the lists:

aReNGee’s Top 4 Predictions

RNG successfully predicted 9 out of 16 player/deck combinations. That’s not terrible.

  1. Angrychicken – I really do think he’s that good.
  2. HiThar – Consistency, reliability, inevitability. All words that describe HiThar, and will serve him in good stead over the course of this long tournament. Making Top 4 is what HiThar does, and I think he’ll do it again.
  3. SirRhino – Rhino has been trash talking players from the safety of the booth for two seasons. Its time to put up or shut up.
  4. Sunyveil – Suny just came off his first pro tour, and he’s been grinding GPs for years. He’s a tremendous player with experience at the 2 day grind, and that should serve him well at the World Championships.

rekenner’s Top 4 Predictions

I don’t have a long scientific explanation for these, that’s just a gut feeling. I think they’re the 4 with the chops to churn through 2 long days, that have the ability to outplay people the most in the long run. This isn’t about running hot so much as dedicated, solid play. I’ve always believed in Unearthly, Sarius, and Chicken, and I doubted Ace once, but he proved himself very well in S6I.

  1. Angrychicken
  2. LightsOutAce
  3. Sarius
  4. Unearthly

Tixij’s Top 4 Predictions

  1. Angrychicken – After a short break from ETS midway through Season 6, Angrychicken is back. As one of the best Big Combrei players in the scene, Chicken has a great shot at coming out of the round robin in the top 4.
  2. camat0 – Over the last season, camat0 has shown versatility in deck choice, and mastery of whichever archetype he chooses. With this in mine, I believe camat0 has high chances of making this weekend’s top 4.
  3. childroland – As one of the top aggro players in Eternal, child roland may be able to get under a format where time midrange is king, and transition this into a top 4 finish in the round robin.
  4. LightsOutAce – After his Season 6 Invitational win, I have confidence that Ace will pull through and lock his top 8 spot this weekend. Hopefully this makes up for the lack of faith in Ace in said invitational too 😉

Guest Caster Bradykin’s Top 4 Predictions

  1. HiThar
  2. KampfKrote
  3. Tobbo
  4. Unearthly

Guest Caster Paradox’s Top 4 Predictions

SPECIAL MENTION: KampfKrote will not top 4 the RR but will top 4 the tournament. He has houdini-like abilities to come out of hiding and win in high stakes tournaments

  1. childroland – Consistent in both invitationals and weeklies, I believe Roland is more than capable of taking on an open format like World’s.
  2. HiThar – Again with a slight bias for my teammates, but they deserve it. HiThar is a great player who always seems to win when it matters.
  3. LocoPojo – Pojo is known for his love of janky decks, but he has shown himself many times to be capable of coming out of the dark with powerful brews that attack a metagames weak spot. I think he’ll do that here.
  4. Unearthly – Unearthly has a less than great track record in invitationals, but those were all double elimination. Unearthly clears through everything else and I think we will see that happen here.

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