Meet the teams of ETS Team League Season One!

The following six teams will be participating in Season One of the ETS Team League!


SPG Destiny

Team Captain: HiThar

Bradykin, childroland, Drolicheck, Paradox, smj1360

Team Stats: 481 games played (274-207)
Series Points: 51

The core performers of Seek Power Gaming joined together as a powerhouse team! Featuring two worlds players in childroland and HiThar, this team offers a solid balance of skilled players and diverse deck preferences. One of the favorites to do well… do you believe in Destiny?


SPG Echo

Team Captain: Trippedoutfish

Calimdir, Kampfkrote, MasterPlan, Tatavath, TonyGeeeee

Team Stats: 227 games played (119-108)
Series Points: 32

Far less renowned than its SPG sister team, most of the current laurels rest on KampfKrote’s once-a-season return to form. If you need to build a team around a single player, the Midseason Major champion isn’t a bad choice – when he shows up, he wins. The rest of the team is still looking to really make its mark, and it will have to beat Destiny to do it. Will we hear an Echo?


Team EternalWarcry

Team Captain: Clarity

Darkness, Missingtoez, NotoriousGHP, Tatsumaki, theovermaster

Team Stats: 200 games played (99-101)
Series Points: 12

The everyman team, Team EternalWarcry is composed of players new to the ETS and some moderately renowned players. Missingtoez is probably the best known name on the team, coming off his second place finish at the Season 5 Invitational, but all six of these players are here to prove that they can hang with the big boys. They may not dominate individually, but this team has by far the most cohesion and enthusiasm. Look for aggressive decks and snowball wins as they EternalWarcry their way to victory.

TeamTitansTeam Titans

Team Captain: Tobbo

Buckwheat, camat0, Finkel, lv13david, VSarius

Team Stats: 388 games played (228-160)
Series Points: 37

Built on the back of some Elder Titans powerhouses, this team adds Worlds contender Tobbo and career winrate leader camat0 to round out its roster. VSarius returns from his hiatus and Finkel makes his ETS debut. All of these team members are strong individually, but they’re also known to have strong opinions on deck choice. Will they be able to create cohesive lineups, or will they focus more on individual skill and choice?


OND Flame

Team Captain: Unearthly

IlyaK, RedWorld, Shedd, Thundershot

Team Stats: 783 games played (428-355)
Series Points: 53

The only team with 5 members and yet they’ve played the most games of any team! Household names abound on this team and they’ll probably be one of the favorites. Putting Unearthly on any team does tip your hand a bit – do you run him and risk a Rakano counter, or do you leave such a good player on the bench? /Five strong teams stand in their way – will OND rise or will they just go down in Flames?


OND Feather

Team Captain: Elunex

Angrychicken, Flash2351, Komodo, Pupicitus, Toth201

Team Stats: 596 games played (337-259)
Series Points: 75

Featuring not one but two Invitational champions, OND Feather mixes their veterans with some up and coming names. Everyone on OND is a proven player and they’ll be looking to soar above their close rivals, OND Flame. All these players have won a tournament before – can they take flight and win the whole season?


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