Launching “Eternal Rules Guide” Project

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EDIT: the first edition of the Rules Guide is out! You can find it here.

Hello friends! Today I don’t have a new article to share, but rather a new project to announce. I think we have all seen countless posts asking “Is there a rule book anywhere?” or “How does such-and-such work with so-and-so?”. I have been thinking about putting a rules book together for Eternal for a long time, though I was told DWD was working on their own version. When Omens of the Past came DWD released their “Glossary”, which is….minimal. Though it is a useful tool, I don’t feel it meets the standards we were hoping. Now that we are past the original hub-bub of the release of Omens I felt now would be a good time to start this project.

So Neon is writing the whole “Rules Guide” right? GOD NO! This thing is going to be huge, and I do not have the time to put together such a massive document all by myself. What I am actually doing is inviting you to join this project so we can collaborate on putting this thing together. So what is this going to look like?

  • PDF document hosted on RNG Eternal, so that it is searchable and downloadable.
  • Entries on all Eternal-related rules questions. Everything from how Cirso interacts with Stand Together to the redraw rule and what we know about the draft structure.
  • No-nonsense text to clearly explain relevant rules and interactions.
  • Lots of pictures and visuals to clearly communicate what is happening.
  • Each individual entry will have a byline to recognize the work done by all of the authors.
  • Updates on each patch.

So, who can join this? Virtually anyone! The only real requirement is that you have access to access to Microsoft Word, or a Microsoft Word compatible program. I have set up a separate Discord server to coordinate this project. Click here to join the team!

Update #1 – August 14th: Work has begun! There has been a great start to the project, but there is still a ton to do, so don’t be afraid to join up. We have switched to the format of using a Google document for our workflow, which you can access through the Discord server. I have received some comments about use of a PDF rather than a wiki. There are several reasons that I prefer the use of a PDF. First is that it is downloadable with a table of contents, which is my personal preferences. I know that not everyone prefers that, but there are those of us who do. Secondly (and more importantly) relates to standards of quality. I generally find that fan wikis are filled with half-written articles, without the level of depth I would like. By starting with a PDF we can ensure that everything is thoroughly edited before it is shared. We have discussed making a wiki after the PDF is finished, but no decision has been made yet.

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